cheers for replies

good to hear from others and so quickly too, so thanks, i appreciate it. i’ll answer questions here as still getting used to using this site correctly.

i work with the elderly and disabled as an activities instructor, so that’s out the window for a while. i’ve got myself a wheelchair which is a godsend. i was goofing about with my dog in the park (150 miles from my home) when i ruptured my AT. i was also house & cat-sitting for my parents (out of the country) so alone. i was also was their taxi to and from the airport (90 miles away) so I really timed it well. LOL Looks like i’ll be with parents for a while now, bet they’ll be chuffed when they return!

i’ll look into any possible benefits i can claim but i’m not holding my breath. i’m eager to see that my wound is healing but gotta wait the two weeks before cast change. i think the mental part of this experience might be even more of a challenge than the physical healing/therapy. have finally registered what i have done to myself, i think i was in denial up to now. got very frustrated earlier with crutches, so sticking with wheelchair for a few days. so great to be in contact with people who have been there.

cheers tim


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  1. marianne on June 15th, 2008

    Hi Tim,

    I’m post-op 10 days now and also am wearing my first cast for 2 weeks, like you…..I go to first doc appt. next Wed., June 18th and have also been counting the days waiting to see how my leg has been healing.

    I totally agree with you about the mental aspect of this injury being extremely challenging….the not knowing, and having to be patient is a killer….

    I also am not great on crutches, but work with them small amounts daily….love the wheelchair though…..

    At this point, I am still keeping my leg elevated for most of the day, as it swells, turns blue and throbs if down much, especially by the evening.

    Welcome and keep posting.


  2. johnk on June 15th, 2008

    Hi Tim, welcome this growing ATR nation.
    Stick at it and be patient.
    Where in the UK are you ?

    Johnk :)

  3. offdibb on June 15th, 2008

    thanks for the replies johnk and marianne,
    i live in birmingham but think i’ll stay with parents in dorset cos far easier in so many aspects. the crutches and wheelchair are keeping me fit and it’s great to get let off some steam. toes are past their sell-by date and it’s only 3rd day post op! talc is on the shopping list.
    cheers for now, still trying to get blog page up and current.
    regards, tim

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