Healing environment

I read a study about the recovery rate of patients in relation to their view from their bed.  A view of the outdoors vs no window promotes a substantially quicker recovery.  The study was on the soft side but I do know the power of the mind is worth tapping into.  With this in mind I opened every window shade to allow as much light in as possible.  With D’s help I set up a table outside my closest window and covered it with bird seed.  Knowing I would have a variety of friends to share my time with was great.  I have never been too much into birding but this experience of observing the different behaviors and species has been a good thing.  I tried to go outside when the sun was out even if it were for just 10 minutes.  Not only does the sun feel great but it also is the best source of Vitamin D.  Next, I placed a cooler next to my bed and filled it with the healthiest food I could imagine.  This way I didn’t have to drop my leg below my heart to get a drink or a snack.  Also, the cooler top is a nice place to place note pads, laptop, books etc.  It was also important to me to use music for it’s calming effects.  I don’t know if it’s healing but what’s the risk if it isn’t?  Laughter is also a great thing to tap into in this potentially ”down” time.  I am lucky to have had tivo prior to the ATR so I had a collection of Seinfeld, Simpson’s, South Park, Scrubs, Frasier and even some stand up that I could use to lift my spirits when needed.  A lot of this is online now for free if you have a laptop and a good wifi connection.  I was so into achillesblog that I really didn’t watch much tv or listen to my library of podcasts.  Some podcasts I have found to be amazing are Radiolab, DR Dean Edell, This American Life, Nutrition Diva and TED Talks.  My mother was a nurse for many years so we talked every day in detail about this process.  To her benefit, she encouraged me to split my focus to other topics besides the ATR.  She understands me well and was good at getting me to lighten up a little when I would get to obsessive :)   When I got home from the gym where I tore my AT I teared up a bit knowing how life changing this was going to be.  From that moment on I have done nothing but focus on what I could do to recover to 100% in the shortest/safest fashion.  If you find yourself getting down try to switch your focus to what you can do vs what you can’t.

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  1. Loved your post! I wish you’d been in charge of MY recovery :)

  2. MaryK, It really makes the blogging time worth it to hear your positive words :)
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