After the knife

From the day I ruptured until 18 days later I spent 96% of the time in bend with my leg elevated above my heart.  I actually ran the numbers…  A friend of mine (my college roommate) went through a ATR and stated with no uncertainty that the first 10 to 14 days were the most important for recovery.  Leg up and rest as much as possible.  So that’s what I did.  My girlfriend was a champion in my recovery.   She went shopping and cooked for me, laundry etc.  What was so important to me was that she is a great listener.  To have somebody to bounce ideas off of as well as share in my evolution of knowledge was priceless.  I imagine it got old hearing me say Doug53 is doing this and NormoftheNorth recommended this study.  It was only through this process that I was able to build the confidence to create my own ATR rehab.    I literally spent the first two weeks postop reading every study and blog I could find that was relevant.  Sometimes even at the expense of sleep.  It was through this obsession that I came up with obsessivec.  The swelling was pretty bad but I was able to ice through my splint.  I really am impressed with the countless others who started PWB and FWB as soon as the day after surgery.  Sure the injury wasn’t painful but the swelling when my leg was below my heart brought the pain for 10 days postop.  I took percoset for the first couple days but missed a dose on night two only to find that the pain was tolerable so long as the leg was up.  I got off that stuff immediately once I knew the pain was a 4 out of 10.  It’s tough for me to take a passive role in my recovery so I wanted to do everything  I could to foster healing.  Since my goal was to get back to 100% of my original strength and ROM I felt it couldn’t be a casual approach.  My focus at this point turned to education about ATR, nutrition, visualization and creating the most healing environment possible.

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