Surgery 2/4/10

So monday 2/1 I ruptured my AT and thursday 2/4 was my surgery date.  My girlfriend went in with me to the hospital for support and to drive me home.  They recommended not eating after 12am and drinking after 7am prior to my surgery.  My surgery was at 3pm.  I did set my alarm for 6:30 am to pound some gatorade.  It’s good to have any advantage you can going into this sort of event.  I did not get sick as a result.  They knocked me out through the IV and it was nice.  I woke up rolling on a gurney being pushed by a nurse.  It took 2 or 3 minutes to be able to even talk coherently.  After sitting there for about 10 minutes D (my girlfriend)  loaded meup and hauled me off.  My Ortho talked to D but not to me.  He told her the surgery went well with a 15 minute tourniquet time.  He used #2 fiber wire to secure the tendon (non absorbable).  He told me later that to be sure the suture is secure he pulls on the fiber wire hard enough to lift my leg off the operating table.  The incision was 2.25″ running vertically.  I didn’t get the surgical notes but  intend to at my second postop.  My rupture was at the upper third of the tendon closer to the muscle.  There is very little info that I have found on the differences between a lower, middle and upper rupture in terms of recovery time and success.  If you have info on this please forward it to me as I am very curious about these differences.

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  1. I don’t know about the upper lower stuff, but that surgery sounds super fast and the incision very short. Hopefully that means a speed and strong recovery! I think my surgery took at least an hour and a half (no idea about actual tourniquet time) and my incision is 5-6 inches with a slight zig zag to it (on purpose I was told).

  2. My ortho told me his last 5 surgeries were upper tears. Guess it keeps the wine cellar full.

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  3. I have to get the surgical notes from my Ortho because my incision is low and small (2.25″) yet he told me my rupture was on the upper third of the tendon. I was in the O.R. for 1.5 hours as well but the actual sewing job only took 15 minutes. I’m not sure they did with the rest of the 1.25 hours, maybe that explains the other scar and missing kidney…

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  4. They take notes? I’ve hardly missed an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or House, and I can’t recall anybody in the OR scribbling on a pad. They all seemed to busy doing surgical stuff. . .

    About the missing 1.25 hours. There’s a great old story (maybe apocryphal) told about Charles Steinmetz (and Edison and a few other mechanical geniuses).

    The old retired genius was asked to advise on a large misbehaving piece of equipment that had baffled the plant’s engineers. He studied it, marked an “X” on a spot, and left the engineers with detailed instructions on how to proceed. They fixed the equipment following the instructions, and it worked fine.

    The genius submitted a bill for $1000 for professional services rendered. The bean counters told him they’d need an itemized bill for that much money. So he sent them one: $1 for marking an “X”, $999 for knowing where to put the “X”!

    I figure it took them 1.25 hours to figure out where to cut and stitch! (That and the kidney thing. . .)

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