Ground Zero 2/1/10

I’m a 38 year old male from Oregon and have been an athlete my whole life.  In high school I played football, basketball and was in track and field.  I also was in track at the U of O for the pole vault.   Track may have been the beginning of my left achilles rupture.  I long jumped, triple jumped, high jumped, hurdled and pole vaulted.  All of these events are for the most part exploding off of the left leg.  I now mostly play beach volleyball (doubles), snowboard, wakeboard, waterski and hike.  I joined a hoops league to try and get some of my old hops back (used to jump 38″) but was very concerned about getting banged around.  At 5′9″ 160lbs I have to be conscious of the big bodies out there.  With nobody behind me, I went in for a rebound, was successful but just couldn’t land it.  I came down on both legs evenly only to have the left achilles blow out.  There wasn’t much pain associated with it but knew it was serious.  After trying to plantar flex with no success I couldn’t help but think of my buddy who just did the same thing a year ago playing indoor soccer.  I have a catastrophic insurance policy that doesn’t kick in until $7500 dollars so I was instantly wondering what advantage there would be to going to the ER.  I sat there long enough talking over my options that the game I was playing in ended.  Fortunately one of my team mates was a Ortho and took ten minutes to do the Thompson test.  Yep, he said, “your ruptured”.  He then told me he would get me into an appointment with his colleague.  A harvard graduate and ex pro fullback who happened to be a surgeon.  I didn’t even consider the nonsurgical approach but after reading so many of these fantastic blogs I might not go the surgical route if this happens again.

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