I asked my doctor and almost every nurse on their advice on how to eat best for tendon repair.  The overwhelming answer I received was protein, then followed up by a well rounded diet of fruits and veggies and stay away from simple sugars.  I am convinced this is the answer they give for most [...]

Healing environment

I read a study about the recovery rate of patients in relation to their view from their bed.  A view of the outdoors vs no window promotes a substantially quicker recovery.  The study was on the soft side but I do know the power of the mind is worth tapping into.  With this in mind I opened [...]

After the knife

The 14 days following surgery…

Surgery 2/4/10

So monday 2/1 I ruptured my AT and thursday 2/4 was my surgery date.  My girlfriend went in with me to the hospital for support and to drive me home.  They recommended not eating after 12am and drinking after 7am prior to my surgery.  My surgery was at 3pm.  I did set my alarm for [...]

No insurance 2/2/10

I spent the night with my leg up on two pillows stacked on top of each other.   My team mate Ortho recommended Tylenol over Advil to keep my blood thin so I took a few but still wasn’t in much pain.  I called my buddy who is fantastic at negotiations and business and asked him to come with [...]

Ground Zero 2/1/10

My background and how it happend.