— almost. I just went to the doctor, it is healing fine. My limp is much reduced. With ice and elevation my numbness near the site is mostly gone.
I can heel lift in chest high water several times.
Once I can do it 5 times on the dry ground, I can play, but before that I can practice a few shots. I suspect another month or two before I can heel lift, as my strength seems no where close.
And I can start small jumping in the pool with water up to my neck.

He really liked water therapy. I have started power walking in 4 feet of water, sometimes 3 feet normal walking. My big new exercise on dry ground has been taking a big step forward with my good foot, and rocking and powering off with my bad foot, while maintaining my balance and some weight on my hands on the kitchen counter and a chair, or a cane. The pain from the top of my bad foot is pretty much gone, as it seems my muscles for pushing off are improving.

I wont see the doctor again until 24 weeks.

He thought I could skip the ASTYM therapy, as I have very little scar tissue, especially at this point. And I am stretching out my PT to every 2 weeks. Every time I go they give me a new exercise or advice that really seems to help.


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  1. oakmanii on May 4, 2019 8:15 am

    Whoops, the next day I DID practice a little Pickleball, it was fun, not too scary as I tried not to take more than a step in a modified game. No points recorded.
    Once the ball was hit way over my head, so I turned completely around and humorously ran back quickly with one foot strides, shuffling, to the back, too late of course. A lot of fun though. About 3 months to the day since surgery.

  2. atari breakout on April 29, 2020 3:03 am

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