My heel pain is pretty much gone, Last week I started using New Balance Shoes without any lift at all. I chose a shoe that was all leather upper so to give good all around support, it seems a good choice, but now it is getting hotter.

Around the house I can go in my socks.
Now I have more of a pain in the top side of the lower part of my foot, about the toes. Therapist thinks it is because of how I am walking.
Now I know why I limp! Because I am not pushing forward when I am stepping forward. I drag the weak foot along. So they gave me a new exercise where I practice the transition step from moving weight from my bad leg to my good leg, with my foot flexed, and trying to push a little more than I have been doing. It hurts when I do a big step forward, so the key is to do manageable step width.
So when using a cane, which I do not need for weight bearing, I need to be pushing forward with the weak foot.
And I’m doing water therapy, two or three times a week. Not just walking forward, but walking backward now. In 4 feet of water. Sometimes I do heel lifts, and I can now do several of them when Im up to my neck in water. Lowering the water level is my next goal.
I think my multi-mineral supplement is really making me get better! I seem to have gone to a new stage from having an impossible injury to having like a bad sprain that would take three weeks to heal (though it is more like 3 more months.)
I have been using Bodywize for years, and the vitamins have been great, but the minerals you take in the evening to help the cells rebuild. And water is so important too to flush the dead cells out of your systems while the minerals supply new material for the new cells regrowing in my injured leg.


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  1. sharkmok on April 22, 2019 6:09 pm

    I have similar top of the foot pain when I started walking. And have similar weight shifting exercise from my PT. That was about a month ago and now I don’t have that pain except in the side ways step up exercise.
    Those weight shifting exercise really helps. Good luck.

  2. directions on January 19, 2021 2:24 am

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