8 weeks, shoes and no cane

March 30, 2019 | |

I had a cane for about a week, and a single crutch for about a week. I have a slight sprain under my outside ankle bone, but not too bad.

I used the NuStepper at the gym for about 2000 steps. It has limited Range of Motion so was the first pedaling like device I could use. I may risk water therapy soon, PT said it would be good for doing high kicks, heel lifts and what-not, as 80% of your weight is carried by the water.

But they dont know that I sink when I am in the water. So I will try a ‘family pool’ first.

I dont want to be in water over my head, where I have to just jump off the bottom in order to come up for air!


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  1. cserpent on March 31, 2019 3:13 am

    I’ve never seen a NuStepper before. I just used a recumbent bike. Didn’t get an arm workout, but could get an aerobic workout and even when I was NWB and PWB I was able to use it as long as I only rested the surgery foot on the pedal. I would agree to doing some things in the pool is a good thing. I did barefoot walking in the pool before I was allowed to do it on dry land and did heel lifts initially in the pool since there is less weight no the leg. And swimming is another way to get an aerobic workout.

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