I was counting every night how many I had left, my cast never became real itchy, but the top of my foot became sore, and around the ankles, as the cast became looser (as my leg shrank, and swelling went down). I think the loose cast was causing the pain and a little friction burn, but nothing to treat, and the leg looked pretty good, not too much smaller.

First pic, I work with international students and they signed it in their mother tongue, notably I got Korean, Chinese and Farsi (Persian). The cast maker said I could get rid of the gauze, and spray it with Lysol to prevent smells. They cut it off with a small saw, a little scary. And I hope to piece it back together.

And now my new boot! I had really wanted the Vacoped adjustable boot, but they were already set up with their own boot, with heel inserts, and you can enlarge it with air.

CALL AND TALK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST before getting your boot, if you want to discus using a boot of your own selection! Here is mine, I think it seems a little large, I did tell him my shoe size was 9.

So I put a little weight on it today, by a little walking because I had a work activity. I leaned on one of my students, and I though I tried to put too little weight on it, it did hurt a little, but IBUprofen was sufficient. So I hope to rest more today, the day after. I have to keeo it on when walking and sleeping! However, when laying down or sitting, awake, I can take it off.

I had previously scheduled physical therapy which the doc approved. I will get three times a week for three weeks, then my insurance changes, and I have to pay, so I will back down to once or twice a week. I’m looking forward to just rubbing and doing gentle stretches today and tomorrow before my first therapy.

My home project was making a build up shoe! They recommended something to even up my hips when I walk, to reduce problems and pain. I could not find the kids puzzle play mats, but at Ollie’s I found this outdoor flooring puzzle piece. But it really is too heavy, and requires about 4 pieces to get a 1.5″ lift.

It was super hard to cut, I dont recommend this material. I cut it with heavy duty scissors, a utility knife couldnt do it. I bought shoe glue at Amazon as it should be flexible, the Walmart shoe glue was the same price but only a tiny tube. You would need the bigger tube. The clamps were needed as the bottom of the shoe is not flat!

I will add another layer, take a picture, and try it out. My wife complained that the shoe was really old. Yeah, that’s why I chose my work shoe, so I can throw it away later!


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  1. cserpent on March 9, 2019 4:15 am

    Glad you’re in the boot! It is so much more pleasant than a cast!

  2. sharkmok on March 9, 2019 11:05 am

    Congrads on getting off the cast! I’ve the same boot and I’m also size 9. I remember when I was fitted, they tried a M first and was too large. Move to a size S and it fits fine. Anyway, use your crutches, slowly move from 2 clutches to 1 clutches base on your PT’s advice.

  3. kamueller on March 10, 2019 12:08 pm

    Congratulations on moving to the boot! Life gets a little better with it.

    There’s a product called Evenup Shoe Leveler. I ordered mine on Amazon for about $20-$25. It really saved my hip and you can slip it on most shoes. Might be easier than trying to make one, although I get the idea of wanting to do something, anything, after being immobile.

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