Not much has changed. I am not slowed down hardly at all in sports, walking, or general activity. My injured foot gets more tired when I stand for a while.

I never ice, or really elevate it. I do stretches often, if not every day, nearly every day. I restarted my mineral supplements which I think aide healing and strength.

I can do 30 heel lifts with my good foot, about 25 with my injured one. Yeah, some weakness, but otherwise I would never notice it.

My balance is still not good on my injured foot, I have not been practicing that as I should. I would like to be able to play Hopscotch again. I feel like I need a few more weeks before that!

7 Month Checkin

September 1, 2019 | | 6 Comments

It seems that my flexibility decreases each day I dont stretch out, and my strength remains week unless I exert effort in exercises, every other day. I am more flexible than before, but I’m writing today to ask:

Will I have to do stretching exercises forever? When can I stop my strengthening exercises (like close to 90% of my good leg)?

I saw my doctor, last check up. Everything seems fine, but still there is weakness and some lack of flexibility. However, I’m able to do what I was doing previously, walking and playing Pickleball.

However, it has become obvious that I will have to do leg lifts and calf strengthening, such as walking on my toes, or my leg will not improve. It seems to be no stronger than it was a month ago!!

I had really slacked off of PT, and it seems I really didnt improve much in the last six weeks!

I’m now counting months instead of weeks!
Also, I skipped PT for a month, and just continued with their exercises, but I’m disappointed that the last time they finally told me about a ‘missing exercise’ which seems to really help my range of motion.

Just stand with your feet completely flat, and then bend with your knees. Don’t bounce up and down, just slow stretches. This stretches a different muscle than the ‘lean against a wall’ exercise, and it seems to be what I really need now, it seems.

I’m playing competitive Pickleball again, but Pickleball is not as nearly competitive as racquetball or even basketball.

My limp is very little now. I worked in a pool 3x/week on my heel lifts, working down from 5 to 4 feet to 3 feet in the last three weeks, and then once down to 2 feet of water.

(thats not me)
My friends didn’t want to practice Pickleball with me, so I slowly played Pickleball instead. Doctor said I could play if I could do 5 heel lifts on dry ground. Today I did it! Right after I had played for a couple of hours.
So now I can officially play Pickleball! I think the doctor didnt realize how Pickleball is not nearly as athletic as tennis, and I still dont chase down any hard shots like I used to. That will come in time.

Still lacking some flexibility and strength. But it seems better after I play.

I think the key is to avoid other injuries and to warm up well, ahead of time. My knee is now weak, I notice, when I warm up. In time.

— almost. I just went to the doctor, it is healing fine. My limp is much reduced. With ice and elevation my numbness near the site is mostly gone.
I can heel lift in chest high water several times.
Once I can do it 5 times on the dry ground, I can play, but before that I can practice a few shots. I suspect another month or two before I can heel lift, as my strength seems no where close.
And I can start small jumping in the pool with water up to my neck.

He really liked water therapy. I have started power walking in 4 feet of water, sometimes 3 feet normal walking. My big new exercise on dry ground has been taking a big step forward with my good foot, and rocking and powering off with my bad foot, while maintaining my balance and some weight on my hands on the kitchen counter and a chair, or a cane. The pain from the top of my bad foot is pretty much gone, as it seems my muscles for pushing off are improving.

I wont see the doctor again until 24 weeks.

He thought I could skip the ASTYM therapy, as I have very little scar tissue, especially at this point. And I am stretching out my PT to every 2 weeks. Every time I go they give me a new exercise or advice that really seems to help.

My heel pain is pretty much gone, Last week I started using New Balance Shoes without any lift at all. I chose a shoe that was all leather upper so to give good all around support, it seems a good choice, but now it is getting hotter.

Around the house I can go in my socks.
Now I have more of a pain in the top side of the lower part of my foot, about the toes. Therapist thinks it is because of how I am walking.
Now I know why I limp! Because I am not pushing forward when I am stepping forward. I drag the weak foot along. So they gave me a new exercise where I practice the transition step from moving weight from my bad leg to my good leg, with my foot flexed, and trying to push a little more than I have been doing. It hurts when I do a big step forward, so the key is to do manageable step width.
So when using a cane, which I do not need for weight bearing, I need to be pushing forward with the weak foot.
And I’m doing water therapy, two or three times a week. Not just walking forward, but walking backward now. In 4 feet of water. Sometimes I do heel lifts, and I can now do several of them when Im up to my neck in water. Lowering the water level is my next goal.
I think my multi-mineral supplement is really making me get better! I seem to have gone to a new stage from having an impossible injury to having like a bad sprain that would take three weeks to heal (though it is more like 3 more months.)
I have been using Bodywize for years, and the vitamins have been great, but the minerals you take in the evening to help the cells rebuild. And water is so important too to flush the dead cells out of your systems while the minerals supply new material for the new cells regrowing in my injured leg.

My Physical Therapist found out I was not using a cane, but limping badly, so said I should go back to the cane. OK. My limp was bad.

Walking in water was not too bad, I suppose helpful to get a better gait. But I tried a 1/4 heel raise in neck high water and it hurt!

So I will try heel raises from a seated position now at home instead. There is still a LOT of strength to build up!

I had a cane for about a week, and a single crutch for about a week. I have a slight sprain under my outside ankle bone, but not too bad.

I used the NuStepper at the gym for about 2000 steps. It has limited Range of Motion so was the first pedaling like device I could use. I may risk water therapy soon, PT said it would be good for doing high kicks, heel lifts and what-not, as 80% of your weight is carried by the water.

But they dont know that I sink when I am in the water. So I will try a ‘family pool’ first.

I dont want to be in water over my head, where I have to just jump off the bottom in order to come up for air!

I saw the surgeon doctor this week, the first time since the surgery. He was quite pleased by the healing. He had used the minimally invasive technique, so the incision was pretty small. I finally got the bandaide over it to dissolve a few days before, by running lots of hot/warm water over it. That way I could start my more intense therapy work which mostly included hard rubbing down my foot. So, first the incision:

(The dots in the top right was where the needle went in and out for the sutures using the jig that he had inserted. There are a few more pinholes on the other side and also below the incision.)

He said the break was clean, and there were no complications, like other damaged tissue. So it seems it was a classically simple break so I think I am on a fast track to recovery.

Note the vertical incision, not horizontal. He said he used to do the horizontal incision, but he did it one time at the wrong place! So he had to make another incision until it looked like a zig zag! So I’m glad he has learned to do it better!

Also note the red ends of the incision. He said that he had ‘knoted’ the sutures at the ends, and that the ends may become red, and then pussy like a pimple, and then pop. I may then see the knotted end and I should pull it out with tweezers. Of course, I asked if there was a danger of me unraveling the whole surgery! But he said ‘no’. (My friend had the same fear!)

Actually after a lot more warm water, I think the top one did pop, but I didnt see any knots. The water may have washed it out. The ends look more inflamed in the picture, perhaps because I had walked a bit yesterday, with my own shoe!

He said I could walk short distances in my shoe, and go to full weight bearing as I am comfortable. I am using only one crutch now, and it is a lot easier! For long walks, I should still use the orthopedic boot (long for me means 20 minutes.)

I do have build ups in the heels of both of my shoes, about 3/4 inch. The problem was getting the right height so the back of the shoe wouldn’t rub against the incision. I still would appreciate advice on that.

Others have said there are ups and downs in the recovery. The only downs I can anticipate is if I have an accident, like falling or slipping, or if I overdo exercises and stretching. Nothing else to be concerned about?

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