Rupture and progress (New Zealand)

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7 Responses to “Rupture and progress (New Zealand)”

  1. Hi

    I am now three weeks post injury and in my second equinas cast - BUT this time they gave me a waterproof cast and liner and I can swim in it! Seriously! The hard part is getting into and out of the pool and back up onto crutches but I managed it! The cast took three hours to drain and dry but it was a hot day so not a problem. I can also shower in this cast without having to bag my leg - that doesn’t soak up much water and dries in 30 mins.

    Hopefully I will get into the NWB “moon boot” next Wednesday - was supposed to be last Wenesday but the tendon hadn’t healed (I still had pain when medic pressed on Achilles area and there was still a palpatable gap).

    I wnet conservative and hope to be walking in two shoes by Christmas! I will keep you posted.

    Tui (New Zealand)

  2. Hi Tui

    Wayne here from Napier. Very interested in the waterproof cast and moon boot. I did my first ATR in 1995 and the treatment was pretty basic. HB Hospital is full on at the mo but if I can get onto some good ideas I may be able to push recovery along.

    What part of NZ are you from?

    Take care

  3. Hello Tui,
    Am interested to hear how you are getting on now?
    I did mine 4 weeks ago and now in the moon boot following conservative treatment. Was wondering how things were going for you so far along having followed that approach?
    Best wishes,

  4. Am interested to hear how you are getting on now?
    I did mine 4 weeks ago and now in the moon boot following conservative treatment. Was wondering how things were going for you so far along having followed that approach?
    Best wishes,

  5. I am now 10 months down the track (Nov 4th rupture) and can report good news. I can run (at my slowish jog pace), I can dance for hours, I can MOSTLY walk without a limp. The limp is a factor of sitting too long at my desk and I have to concentrate NOT to limp by pushing off with my toes as if I am in soft sand. There are two things that still aren’t good: walking in bare feet is no longer my favourite thing and standing for a longish time is the pits. I’ve just come home from a two hour choir practise and my foot screams at me to sit down when I’m there.

    The moon boot stage is horrible eh? I slept in mine but during the long and lonely days on the couch with my leg up, I used to take it off to let my leg cool down a bit. I never used my crutches without putting the moon boot on again though. I was so scared of tripping or falling and re-rupturing. Anyway, all’s pretty good now, My injured leg has a skinnier calf than the other leg but I’ve got skinny legs anyway so it’s not too noticeable.

    I think an Achilles rupture is the worst injury! How are your hands and shoulders? In the end I had no pain in my ankle but my hands and shoulders were really bad from using crutches. It will all pass though and my callouses disappeared ages ago and my shoulders are OK. I’m pleased I went the conservative route; no scar and it feels rock solid, albeit a bit lumpy.

    My high heels are no good to me yet - I can’t walk properly in them. My ultra-flat shoes aren’t much cop either. Shoes are my biggest dilemma when I’m deciding what to wear to work each day.

    Stay in touch if you get down in the dumps; it takes so long to get past everything being so hard to do; I hope you don’t live alone, I was really grateful to my husband who did so much to help me and who put up with the shower stool in the shower and a stool in the bathroom and all other disruptions.

  6. Hi Tui, Think a hacker resent my message from awhile ago! Anyway am now out of boot - walking but with a bit of a limp and it swells up towards the end of the day. Am trying not to push myself to fast but it certainly takes a while to get better. I have 3 young children and we live rurally an hour North of Wellington - an idylic spot but not so great when you can’t drive! Luckily neighbours and friends have helped a lot and I have started driving locally again.
    Glad to hear you are dancing so much - am hoping to go dancing in 4 weeks now and think it might be sort of possible but not for long - anyway will see how it goes. Take care, stay in touch, Sharon :)

  7. NI
    Very to hear how you r doing after 10 months. I am also 60 female with non operative tx of ruptured Achilles. I have gone thru so many stages and now trying to accept. Still in a cast and next the boot, at about 6 weeks from totally unexpected injury. I usually play hard ocean one sports so this was a screaming halt to my life. Any special recommendations to cope or recover??

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