8 weeks post-op

Well, today marks 8 weeks post-op.  I’ve been semi out of the boot for a week now.  I’m in an ankle splint for support when walking short distances on even surfaces.  I’m in the boot when walking long distances or on uneven surfaces…anytime that I could possibly get knocked over or twist an ankle easily. [...]

6 weeks post op

Hello all,
I’m just shy of 6 weeks since my surgery. I went FWB in a boot about 3 days ago and it’s been tough! I just can’t seem to get a regular gait going. I’ve had a boot before and was able to walk fairly ‘normal’ but this time I can only [...]

3 weeks post op

I’m three weeks post op from reconstructive surgery on Achilles.  Was supposed to get stitches out yesterday but was told it needs more time.  I guess it’s a hard place to heal (no pun intended) due to the lack of fast under the skin.  The skin around the stitches is white.  Doc says this is [...]