8 weeks post-op

Well, today marks 8 weeks post-op.  I’ve been semi out of the boot for a week now.  I’m in an ankle splint for support when walking short distances on even surfaces.  I’m in the boot when walking long distances or on uneven surfaces…anytime that I could possibly get knocked over or twist an ankle easily.  Things are going ok.  The first few bootless days were rough as I had bad cramps in my calf.  Each day after that was a little less and now the cramps have stopped completely.  My tendon is tight and I do have a slight limp but I take it slow and do specific stretching exercises three times a day.  I go back to the doc in two weeks and we’ll discuss PT or not to PT.  I’m thinking PT is a good thing so that’s what I will request.

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  1. We seem to be about one week apart. I definitely recommend PT. I started mine at 4 weeks post op - when I had my cast removed. I go 2 to 3 times a week but that really isn’t necessary. Once a week would have been plenty for me since they aren’t using really special equipment on me.

    Congrats on making the transition to two shoes!

  2. I agree that once, maybe twice a week will do for PT. I just really want a clear idea of what to do to try and get the tendon to loosen up a bit as well as strengthen my whole leg.

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