6 weeks post op

Hello all,

I’m just shy of 6 weeks since my surgery. I went FWB in a boot about 3 days ago and it’s been tough! I just can’t seem to get a regular gait going. I’ve had a boot before and was able to walk fairly ‘normal’ but this time I can only take small steps and it’s with a limp. If I go very far my whole leg starts cramping so I’m trying to take it slow but slow is just not me…probably why this all happened in the first place! If I walk on any type of uneven surface I get a pain up the outside of my foot so don’t know what that’s about! I see the doc again in 2 weeks but not sure if it’s boot off or stay the course. I figure I’ll be out of the boot just in time for this beautiful Seattle summer to come to an end.

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  1. I’m from Seattle as well, but I’m at 2 weeks post op so I’m most definitely going to miss the summer this year!

  2. It will come. Most of my problem was from the heel feeling unstable. It will come. I also noticed to push your foot all the way back into the boot. If my boot slid forward a little, I started to get some pain.

  3. @Joey, I’m assuming you meant “If my FOOT slid forward a little” — right?

    @nwmom, heel pain under the foot is common in early FWB & usually fades fairly quickly, often with help from squishy footbeds or other aids. Evening up your two feet by building up your uninjured foot (e.g. with Vaco’s Even-Up) is important for a proper gait. And the boot has to do its job. It has to fit snugly but comfortably, and the straps have to be tight enough to make the boot stiff, all so the boot can do the AT’s job, transferring your weight from under the ball of your foot, through the boot, to the front of your shin (at the top of the boot cuff).

    Then all you have to do is walk normally: Strike your heel, then roll over the sole of the boot to the toes, pushing your knee forward and stepping forward with the other foot.

    Most of us (and the patients in the most successful studies) got to practice this move for a couple of weeks of PWB, using our crutches to take the rest of our weight, gradually using the crutches less and the boot more. Did you skip that step?

  4. I’m almost at the 6 week point, too. Wondering if you tried to go to FWB too soon. I just started 50% weight-bearing in a “boot” (with 2 heel pads for extra cushion). Today was the first day without crutches (yea!). Taking baby steps, but it’s still better than the crutches. If you have access to a pool, I’ve found that walking ( in waist to chest-deep water) seems to help you get your gait smoothed out.

  5. I am exactly 5 weeks post op - had my cast removed one week ago and I went FWB after three days out of my cast. I never had any pain but was scared to try it and found it more of a mental challenge than anything else.

    I ditched the crutches yesterday. I don’t walk perfectly - far from it. I walk very slowly and I limp a little. I don’t see how not to since my legs aren’t perfectly lined up (can’t find a shoe to match the height of the boot 100%). I don’t however, have any pain and my legs don’t cramp. I am following other people’s advice and try my best to walk as normal as possible to help reduce the amount of bad habits I may pick up while getting back to normalcy.

    I don’t have any advice for you except maybe you can use a cane or one crutch when you start cramping? Or don’t push yourself too much. I was told to do whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t feel pain or feel overtired.

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