8 weeks post-op

Well, today marks 8 weeks post-op.  I’ve been semi out of the boot for a week now.  I’m in an ankle splint for support when walking short distances on even surfaces.  I’m in the boot when walking long distances or on uneven surfaces…anytime that I could possibly get knocked over or twist an ankle easily.  Things are going ok.  The first few bootless days were rough as I had bad cramps in my calf.  Each day after that was a little less and now the cramps have stopped completely.  My tendon is tight and I do have a slight limp but I take it slow and do specific stretching exercises three times a day.  I go back to the doc in two weeks and we’ll discuss PT or not to PT.  I’m thinking PT is a good thing so that’s what I will request.

6 weeks post op

Hello all,

I’m just shy of 6 weeks since my surgery. I went FWB in a boot about 3 days ago and it’s been tough! I just can’t seem to get a regular gait going. I’ve had a boot before and was able to walk fairly ‘normal’ but this time I can only take small steps and it’s with a limp. If I go very far my whole leg starts cramping so I’m trying to take it slow but slow is just not me…probably why this all happened in the first place! If I walk on any type of uneven surface I get a pain up the outside of my foot so don’t know what that’s about! I see the doc again in 2 weeks but not sure if it’s boot off or stay the course. I figure I’ll be out of the boot just in time for this beautiful Seattle summer to come to an end.

3 weeks post op

I’m three weeks post op from reconstructive surgery on Achilles.  Was supposed to get stitches out yesterday but was told it needs more time.  I guess it’s a hard place to heal (no pun intended) due to the lack of fast under the skin.  The skin around the stitches is white.  Doc says this is nothing to worry about.  I trust him but can’t help but worry!