19 days post op

May 1st, 2014

Yesterday I got another new cast. The doc thinks I’ll have two more cast changes before I get back into my boot. He said I’m currently at about 80 degrees flexed and looking good. He was very happy with my progress but let me tell you I am OVER wearing a cast. It’s hot here in AZ and I’m pretty uncomfortable. I’m hoping to go back to work May 19th knowing good and well that I will have to work at the desk and not in the operating room. My future of running and hiking and playing kickball seems so so so far away. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate this website for all the anwsered questions and words of encouragement.

Post op day 10 and 1st follow up appointment

April 23rd, 2014

Last night was my 1st follow up appointment with my OS at 10 days post surgery from my ATR. I got my splint removed and had some X-rays done. Normal follow up stuff.
Then the Otho tech and my husband, who is a nurse, removed my sutures… which hurt like a *#+*#!
My OS came in and liked the way the sutures were looking. Clean and not very red at all. He went straight in with pushing my tendon and squeezing my calf and telling us he was pleased with it all.

We talked about getting me back to work, at least doing light duty stuff pretty soon. He said mid May is totally acceptable as long as I can elevate and use my scooter to get around because as of now I am still NWB. Come mid May I might be PWB but still cannot do my job of a surgical tech standing on my feet for 12 hours and running around our trauma center.

I was put in a cast and will be put in a new one each week with more and more flexing each time. The OS said I was at about 70 degrees right out of the shoot and he was pleased. So was I!!! He also put me at a bit of ease when he said realistically I might be back to my actual job by mid to end of summer.

That light at the end of the tunnel I was so badly grasping at, has finally cracked through…

Post op day 3

April 15th, 2014

I had surgery this past Saturday morning April 12th at 0730 in the same OR in which I have worked for the last 6 years. Every person in the room was someone I hand picked to take care of me and make me beyond comfortable in a time when I was the least in my comfort zone!

The surgery was about an hour and I came out feeling groggy but hopeful I was put back together. I am excited to get started on recovering from surgery and try to get back to work in the OR, operating on patients and to stop being one! The pain this time around was way more intense and I sware the splint is too tight. I’ve spoken to the PA (physicians assistant) in my case and she tells me it’s just all the swelling that makes it feel so tight and to keep it elevated. I’ve done nothing but keep it elevated because any time it’s dangling downward it HURTS and throbs badly! Now, I’m not a pain killer lover at all, never have been but it has been pretty needed to keep me even the slight bit comfortable. I don’t believe they are really working but I’m trying. I’m a bit sleep deprived and I’ve she’d a lot of tears trying to work through the pain and just sleep, to make the time go by faster. Now I can’t go back to my job like this, I stand in cases and run most of my shifts taking care of traumas that come up. So I’m in a hurry (knowing I need to take it easy) to get back to work. Let’s just say the couch and Imhave been very close the last 6 weeks even though I’ve just started recovering… Again!

How it happened!

April 15th, 2014

Hello all, I had surgery on my left heel on March 3, 2014 to help with inflammation after running and any jumping movement. All that was done was some osteotmies (shaving) of my heel bone on both sides of the foot. 18 days after surgery and my first day I was aloud to go out and drive myself alone while wearing my boot I had an unfortunent accident.I was getting my scooter out of the back of my truck and when I was getting down from the truck bed without thinking I jumped down onto my bad foot. Landing completely on my left heel. The pain was instant and horrific to the point of instant sickness, screams and many tears. Now, I was alone in the middle of a parking lot, I had just left a friend of mine from dinner (again my first time out alone) headed to go watch my kickball team play. Needless to say that didnt happen and my friend came all the back out to get me and drive me home. I was nauseous and scared and knew something was wrong the second it happened. I am a surgical tech and of course my friends were my nurses and the surgeon is a friend also. My friend who came back to drive me home was my nurse in my surgery so she called the PA and told him What happened and he said I should be fine because I had my boot on. I didn’t pop any stitches but let me tell you the pain was ridiculous. After a whole week of PT and still thinking my foot is worse than it was to begin with I started to google my symptoms. I had a small squishy gap just above my heel. I couldnt stand on my toes anymore like I could before. Little things that I found online to be much bigger than people were making it out to be. I called my surgeon directly and told him of my worries. He said ok come in tomorrow and I will see myself. The next morning we were going out of town for my sons soccer tournament but made a quick stop to see the doctor. He did a few tests like squeezing my calf and yes it lightly contracted which proved it was still a little attached thus proving its not a total rupture. He ordered an MRI which I had done after our weekend in Vegas. The MRI was actually pretty painful and I cried a bit. In the first surgery the bone that he did shave off is still very painful and has not been touched by much in over a month now so sitting still on that hard machine was stupid painful. Needless to say 3 days later my doc called and told he was really sorry but YES 90% of my tendon is gone and its hanging on by a thread and now I await for the second surgery to be scheduled and re start the “heeling” process. Which brings me to this great place of information and helpful site.

Hello world!

April 15th, 2014

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