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June 7th, 2014

I am finally 8 weeks post op and given permission to be PWB!!! I’ve kinda been a bit PWB on my own at home but now its legit and my husband can no longer say “should you be doing that?” ;-)
Honestly though, I can walk pretty well in my CAM boot but my knee scotter gets me around so so so much faster and the long hospital halls are just too much to try in the boot. I’d be late everyday LoL.
Like I said, I can walk pretty good in my boot but barefooted is a WHOLE other story… I walk like a stiff legged older lady. Very slow and very calculated steps. My knee seems to be rigid and unwilling to bend nicely for the smooth heel to toe transition in a normal step and it concerns me.

I know I just went PWB and have only had 1 PT appt. in this status but I was hoping it would happen much quicker. My flexion during PT is great and when she is done doing the massage I feel like I walk much better and almost like a unruptured gal would. Then I go home, go to bed and wake up stiff as bored to the point of some pain.

It’s a visous cycle and I keep thinking each day will get better and I will make no scooter, and no boot and two shoes in the near future!!!

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  1. davidk on June 7, 2014 11:27 am

    Nicolle, congratulations on reaching this milestone! As difficult as it may seem now, I think you’ll find the transition from PWB to FWB will be quick. So, before you know it, you’ll be leaving that knee scooter behind. Understand that part of this transition is mental–you need to believe that your leg will support you and the boot will protect you. Focus on your gait and rolling your injured foot from heel to toe. You likely will be slower at first, but your speed will quickly pick-up. Hopefully, you have an Even-up, or something to even out the length of your good leg with your booted-one–this is critical to achieving a good walking stride. -David

  2. normofthenorth on June 8, 2014 1:19 am

    Hard to diagnose from here, but hopefully your PT can, hands-on. If you think your calf-&-AT are tightening up overnight, you could try sleeping in a boot or brace that keeps you at (say) neutral. Otherwise just keep hangin’ in and doing your best.

    When you walk well in your boot are you PWB with crutches, or FWB without?

  3. Nicolle on June 10, 2014 7:33 pm

    normofthenorth I am walking very freely in my boot w/o crutches or any support, but not in very long distances. I can walk around my house and out to check the mail comfortably and at work down the very long halls I still depend on my scooter. I’m not supposed to be FWB yet yet I seem to be doing it anyways.
    Also I did order a sleeping brace to hopefully help with the super tightness in the am. It’s not here yet, I look forward to it.

    Thanks guys for the boosts, they are always needed!!!!!!

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