Another try at posting a 2 pictures

July 15th, 2014


Let me know if this comes trhough. I used Thanks for the help!!!

12 wks still limping

July 14th, 2014

Here I am again still compaining about limping and a sore ankle bone. I wish I could say things have gotten a bit better but that is not the case. I am still very tight even with PT x2 a week and ROM every time I sit down plus swimming exercises. I’m very discouraged at this point and I am supposed to go back to my actuall job in just a month. I don’t know that I will be able to walk fast enough when needed to. I try the stairs pretty often and I still have that horrible “I can’t bend my knee far enough down to make a smooth step” motion and usually end up going down sorta sideways! NO good, I know!

My scar gets massaged out really well at PT and it does feel better but the tighness has not gone away. I think I am becoming more concerned with the pain I feel on my actual ankle bone with any and all movements. I have been told that it is from all the weeks of no use and being stablized in a cast or splint which I see to be a good answer, but when, when is it going to stop feeling this way? I am not progressing at all and it is not good for my own morale and well being. I am a mom of a younger kiddo with a busy outdoor activity schedule and this has now depleated my happy self and only makes me see my future as a “handicapped” person at 36 years old! :-(

As you can see this has not been a good few weeks and I’m COMPLETELY over it.

Picture number 2 form my surgery back in April

July 14th, 2014

So this is what the inside of your body looks like!!!

Just posted my first picture!!!

July 14th, 2014

This are REALLY late BUT I just figured out how to sorta post a picture. I asked my nurse in my surgery to use my phone to take some pictures for me and this is what we got. Pretty cool I think, but I also work in my own OR and do this stuff people all the time! Just never got to be the pt with the injury!!!

I’m sorry if these are too graphic!

11 weeks and super sore ankle

June 30th, 2014

So here I sit at 11 weeks post op ATR and although I am without scooter or boot 100%, I still walk with a extremely noticeable limp and a strangely sore and very bruised ankle bone. My ankle soreness actually hurts with every stretch and motion I make that’s not just a regular stand or sit position. Weird right? My surgeons response was “I didn’t operate on your ankle!” no kidding!!! I was looking for some guidance as to why it’s this tender and bruised. Honestly, it’s making my stretching and PT slightly difficult because of the pain. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE PT! I’d go everyday if I could afford it ;-> The massage is fabulous and I walk like a pro immediately afterwords, but then it goes away by the time PT is over.

I guess my concern is will I ever walk w/o the limp. My tendon is crazy crazy tight and never really loosens except during that few minutes after the massage. I stretch all the time. I sleep in a flexed brace but yet every morning its still like starting all over and it continues all day! Barefoot is still what my friends call the “infant learning to walk for the first time”walk. And that stresses me too. I can’t walk barefoot around my house due to being so uncomfortable. Wearing shoes just makes it easier but still so a limp.

Not seeing the light yet… :-(

PWS status TODAY

June 7th, 2014

I am finally 8 weeks post op and given permission to be PWB!!! I’ve kinda been a bit PWB on my own at home but now its legit and my husband can no longer say “should you be doing that?” ;-)
Honestly though, I can walk pretty well in my CAM boot but my knee scotter gets me around so so so much faster and the long hospital halls are just too much to try in the boot. I’d be late everyday LoL.
Like I said, I can walk pretty good in my boot but barefooted is a WHOLE other story… I walk like a stiff legged older lady. Very slow and very calculated steps. My knee seems to be rigid and unwilling to bend nicely for the smooth heel to toe transition in a normal step and it concerns me.

I know I just went PWB and have only had 1 PT appt. in this status but I was hoping it would happen much quicker. My flexion during PT is great and when she is done doing the massage I feel like I walk much better and almost like a unruptured gal would. Then I go home, go to bed and wake up stiff as bored to the point of some pain.

It’s a visous cycle and I keep thinking each day will get better and I will make no scooter, and no boot and two shoes in the near future!!!

Car accident today

May 21st, 2014

I was in a really bad car accident today first thing in the morning. I was at a complete stop on the freeway when I was rear ended by a man who fell asleep on his way home from working all night. Now, I am also a graveyard worker and I do sympathsies with him because I too have had moments of shutting one eye being wiped out after being up all night. But sadly he hit me going about 40mph and I watched the whole thing as he was coming in fast. But in the split second I had to think, I was able to lift my left foot in the boot up off the floor and pulled it in to me so that when I took the impact my foot was saved and NO harm was caused. I was a mess and am very very sore tonight and know that I will only be worse over the next few days. I just wanted to report the foot is good. My truck on the other hand is not. I am rocking a mini van right now which is very convientent for my knee scooter :-) Yay. The only plus here.

1st PT appointment.

May 20th, 2014

Last night I had my 1st and very much anticipated PT appointment. I am 5 weeks post ATR and am still being kept at NWB for another 2-1/2 weeks. My OS wants me NWB for a total of 8 weeks before the foot really hits the floor.
I’m anxiously waiting for the PWB status and really want to get going.

PT felt incredible and I actually enjoy the “pain” she was putting me through. The best part was that by the time it was over an hour and a half later, I was able to flex my foot back more so then from when I arrived. I thought I would be sore today but I wasn’t at all. My therapist also said that while I’m sitting at my desk to keep stretching my tendon by sliding my foot back to just a bit uncomfortable over and over and then over again!!!! I did it and I think this will only help once I’m able to put some weight down. already looking forward to my next appointment Thursday.

5 weeks post op

May 17th, 2014

I am 5 weeks post op today and just got out of my series or cast this past Tuesday and into my doc given air cast. Being in a cast for 3-1/2 weeks was the worst days of my life. I didn’t sleep AT ALL. I felt constant hot spotsand had to keep getting new casts changed out. Finally my surgeon said enough of the cast being I’m at 100% neutral position. Thank God! I couldn’t go another minute with it on. I’ve had great sleep and was able to go back to work this week on light duty scheduling surgeries. I’ll take it, if it gets me back to work for now.

I was also given the ok to start PT this next week but my order still says NWB and I’m sad for that. Was really hoping to slowly begin to put my foot to the floor and get this process in motion. I have 10 weeks left of light duty until I have to be able to walk and stand for up to 12 hours to return to my actual job. I keep thinking positively that this can happen in the next 8-10 weeks. I’m very tight when trying to stretch myself at home when I do take the boot off for minutes at a time or in the shower knowing that it will get better. With time!!!
Looking forward to PT very much!

General question for everyone???

May 5th, 2014

Ok ya’ll!  I am just 3 weeks post ATR and will still be wearing a cast for another 2 weeks (at least) BUT am going back to work at a trauma hospital in AZ as a surgery scheduler (light duty) May 12th. UNTIL I get back to FWB and can stand to walk 12 hour shifts and be able to really get around quickly when needed. I am a surgical scrub on third shift and am the only scrub on at night and have many many duties and some require running back and fourth between traumas and lifting heavy instrument trays. My question to you ALL is: when realistically do you think I can handle being on my feet for 12 hours ???