I am anticipating my next appointment with the OS in 1 week and am very hopeful he will give me the ok to go to two shoes. If he tells me I can’t I don’t know if I’ll listen to him.
I have already started physio where we mostly work on flexibility, healing with US and proprioception. My physio is great and she leads me to believe I will be fine to go to 2 shoes, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
I’m wondering if I should get a cane or if I should be hopeful that I will be fine with one crutch when going out for longer periods of time, what would others recommend?

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The first OS I went to wanted to take me out of a cast that had me in 45 degree dorsiflexion for 4 weeks to 15 degree dorsiflexion for another 4 weeks without even coming in to do a physical assessment of my tendon. I guess he was going to rely on the expertise of the casting tech? When I refused to allow that to happen and asked to please speak with the surgeon, I was not treated very nicely. The surgeon came into the room, obviously pi**ed, asked me what my problem was and told me that this is how he does things. I told him that this is my leg and my recovery and I wanted to talk about options. He said there was no time for that and what did I want to do. I told him to put me in a hinge boot to which he replied “what is a hinge boot anyway?”. The tech had to explain it to him and brought one in to show him. He hardly listened then said, just put her in a regular boot. I accepted, asked my significant other to get a wheelchair to wheel me out, asked the tech for some heel lifts to put in myself after I got out of there and left ASAP. I could not believe how rude and incompetent this guy was, and was appalled because I work in healthcare and would never treat anyone like that. The next day I was back at work at a different hospital, talked to one of the OS’s there and he agreed to take me on as his patient and said the boot would be fine for me and good for me for putting in the heel lifts. If I’d known this was going to happen I would have demanded the ambulance drivers take me to the hospital where I work instead of the nearest no matter how much I would have had to pay. I live in a big city, Toronto, which is supposed to be known for their good healthcare and went to a hospital that is supposed to be renowned, and was treated so terribly.
The point of this story is, please question the surgeon, and if you don’t feel comfortable with the level of care you are receiving, let them know that. If they still treat you poorly, know that you can go to someone else who will listen, explain and care. There are good one’s out there, sometimes you just have to look for them.

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My story started on the 21st of June

I was playing a recreational game of ultimate frisbee, my friends and I thought it would be fun to join something different, it was our 7th week in and I really enjoyed the running aspect of the game. I was running one way, then there was a turn over so I quickly pivoted and was prepared to go into a full sprint and on my take-off I heard a big “POP”. I immediately knew what had happened (I’m an RN in the OR) so immobilized myself right away. I’m a fit, healthy 32 year old woman and because I believe in my body’s ability to heal I ultimately opted for a non-surgical approach. My story starts there and I have lots more to say and ask!

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