16+ week follow up.

Man, it’s been quite awhile since i’ve checked in here. Just a quick update. I am a little over 16 weeks post ATR surgery. I walk in 2 shoes w/o any noticeable limp. First thing in the AM mt AT is very tight and I have a slight limp, but this goes away fast during the day. This past month I have begun short runs… 1 mile at a time. Feels wierd to run as my bad AT is very tight and feels odd, but the running is getting easier. I have been back in the gym for quite a while now. Have been able to hit my legs pretty hard: doing almost 900lbs leg press (I was at 1100 before the injury). I can pretty easily do a 2 legged leg raise, but still am unable to do 1-legged w/the bad leg. For those of you who are this far or further, how long did it take you to be able to do a 1-legged raise?

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  1. First ATR, the 1LHRs came at something like 20 weeks. (And I did too many of them that first day, and I went back into a boot — with pain, even! — for a MONTH!!)

    Second ATR, I think I’ll probably never get back to a full-height 1LHR with a straight knee. :-( But amazingly, it doesn’t seem to have slowed me down in any way — even when playing 2-on-2 beach volleyball or 4-on-4 court volleyball, or skiing hard and fast on expert slopes in Whistler, or bicycling. . .(!). I’m pleasantly surprised how little that particular demonstration of calf strength seems relate to running and jumping and diving and such.

  2. About a year ago, somebody started a popular page with a title like “That @#$%^& 1-leg heel raise!”, where we all compared notes — and a lot of frustration at the “plateau”!

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