healing long question…

… i just realized that i don’t really know how you are able to tell if you are healing long.  also, is there a certain timeline for this risk (ie. does it happen during the first 4 weeks?  first 6 weeks? first 10 weeks?   since reading about this danger a couple of weeks ago, i’ve really been trying to be careful w/how much i stretch my ATR foot and am just wondering how much longer i need to be wary of this and how someone knows if they are healing long.  can anyone help me out?

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  1. I don’t have a good answer for you np13, but can direct you to a good conversation we had on this topic not too long ago:


  2. Your achilles is not 100% knitted together until week 12. Healing long at a guess is happening whilst its still knitting together so its most likely the earlier in them 12 weeks than the later, probably when the first 2 collagen layers are happening (google “achilles collagen type 1 2 3″ for more info)

    Not much you can do until you are full healed I think (12 weeks) but the test is:

    * Lie on a bed, on your front
    * Feet off the edge, completely relaxed
    * How your foot hangs on your good foot is normal
    * If your heel is further away from your leg then that is heeling long. The amount is key though as a ruptured tendon will usually be a tiny bit longer anyway. How much though is something best answers by a doc/PT

  3. thank you for the info bcurr.. much appreciated!

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