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so at 7 weeks post op, decided to begin working on getting my cardio back so began swimming at my gym yesterday and again today. i was a little worried at first about how my achilles would handle this and whether i could hurt myself further by doing this, but started slow/gently and eventually got more comfortable. yesterday after swimming for 30 mins or so (not non-stop obviously) got home and was pleasantly surprised to see that the swelling was WAY down (for the preceeding 4 days my foot had been more swollen than it’s been during this whole process and had gotten my a little worried. also noticed that my ROM was much better after swimming, and went again today for about 45 mins… i would HIGHLY recommend swimming to anyone trying to rehab their achilles… seems that there is fairly low-risk to damaging your AT while swimming, unless i’m missing something. can anyone think of any reasons why swimming would be counter-indicated?

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  1. I think swimming is a super activity for us. It’s about the earliest way to hit your cardio system, and I think the somewhat random forces on your foot help to loosen it up and are simply great for it. Just be careful doing those flip turns ;-)

    My only caveat would be: make SURE your incision is completely healed, so as not to risk an infection.

  2. lol, no flip turns for me.. more like, stop swimming, stand turn awkwardly, start swimming again.

    and thanks for adding the part about the incision.. NO WAY would i be swimming if my incision wasn’t completely healed.

  3. This gives me hope. I am a swimmer and it is awful being out of the water. I am two weeks post op.

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