2 shoes aids question?

Have been in boot for 1 week and have been slowly trying to graduate myself into 2 shoes.  was thinking of ways to help make this a gradual process.  has anyone tried using any sort of “achilles brace” or even a soft ankle-brace/wrap or anything like that when first going to 2 shoes to help give a little more support for your foot?     also, i know that some people wear some sort of heel wedges in either the boot or 2 shoes… has anyone used any “homemade” heel wedges?  i don’t know how much these cost, but am always looking for ways to save a little $ if i can make something similar at home.  does anyone have an experience w/either of these?

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  1. One tip I can offer is to start out with footwear that gives good support and a little heel lift; think hiking or work boots. I found that, when starting out, good boots improved my walking ability, and made a big difference in my comfort. I still use them, and they still make.a (less drastic) difference.

  2. good idea ryan, i will probably give that a try.. did you use any sort of heal lifts or anything when you first went to 2 shoes?

  3. My PT only really recommends good running shoes.
    Asics are a good brand and I’ve been wearing mine for about the last 8-9 weeks, even in work as I found work shoes to cause some niggles so thought it best to remove all niggle inducing things :-)

  4. Hi, I had some inserts made by an orthotist pre op, then Norm said he got some Sketchers shape ups post op - I got some of these and used the 2 together. I did try running shoes but the Sketchers were more comfortable for me. I have bought inserts in the past but I would prefer to have them made as I had no idea what height to aim for. I had an underlying biomechanical problem so the correct height was important once past the wedges stage.
    I did get an achilles strap pre op (You can replicate something similar with tape - I had this for quite a while- its quite a skill), but I didn’t need either post op.
    Hope this helps.

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