Week 9 update and exercise efforts.

Week 9 FWB in booot, exercise increase, YEAH!!

healing long question…

… i just realized that i don’t really know how you are able to tell if you are healing long.  also, is there a certain timeline for this risk (ie. does it happen during the first 4 weeks?  first 6 weeks? first 10 weeks?   since reading about this danger a couple of weeks ago, i’ve [...]

Swimming fan…

so at 7 weeks post op, decided to begin working on getting my cardio back so began swimming at my gym yesterday and again today. i was a little worried at first about how my achilles would handle this and whether i could hurt myself further by doing this, but started slow/gently and eventually [...]

2 shoes aids question?

Have been in boot for 1 week and have been slowly trying to graduate myself into 2 shoes.  was thinking of ways to help make this a gradual process.  has anyone tried using any sort of “achilles brace” or even a soft ankle-brace/wrap or anything like that when first going to 2 shoes to help [...]

Another stretching/walking question

Earlier this week I had posted/asked a question whether I should stretching (using my own strength to flex it upwards while lying down, not pulling on it or anything)… I know there were some who feel that this might not be a great idea d/t the risk of “healing long.”    Another follow up question relates [...]

Very unsupportive doctor?/Pls Advise…

Am currently 7 weeks post-op: am FWB since week 4, first in walking cast for 2 weeks, now in boot for 1 week. I am having some issues w/my doctor in that I am finding him pretty unsupportive and, in some ways, down-right dismissive. For example, the easiest way for me to get ahold of [...]

Week 6: da boot!

6 weeks da boot.


… one more thing that i forgot to add to my previous entry.  though  i know this might sound crazy, i had a very odd/troubling experience the other night where i woke up in the middle of the night and suddenly was feeling very anxious and restless in my injured/right leg and feeling a great [...]

Week 5 FWB, yay!

FWB in walking cast.