Non op UK - My journey so far

Week 1 - 28/01/2014

Injury sustained pushing off on my left leg whilst playing basketball.

I felt a large punch to my left calf, but no “pop” was heard.

I was initially quite “blaise” about the injury as there was no pain, swelling or bruising.

Week 1 – 29/01/2014

The following day I had a quick visit to A&E at my local hospital where it confirmed that I had suffered a Achilles tendon rupture (ATR).

I was put into a temporary plaster cast and made an appointment to see my consultant the following day.

Turning back time, I actually broke the same ankle 12 years ago playing football, which was a hugely painful experience, but a much quicker recovery time.

Throughout the healing period for ATR I have had to shift my mindset, just because there is no pain I must remember to treat this injury with the up-most respect if I am to heal well and avoid a much dreaded re-repture.

Week 1 – 30/01/2014

My consultant seems up to date with modern protocol and advised that due to the location of the rupture (high) that non op approach would be the most appropriate treatment.

My treatment is initially set out as:-

2-4 weeks in lightweight fibreglass cast followed by 5 weeks in Aircast boot with 5 removable wedges (1 to be removed each week).

All of which to be followed by 6 – 12 months PT (as required).

Week 4 check up – 27/02/2014

My fibreglass cast was removed.

I spent a brief amount of time with my consultant, who advised that I was to remain NWB during the first 2 weeks in Aircast (taking me to 6wks), but to commence removal of wedges.

I was set a follow up appointment in 2 weeks time (13/02) at which stage I will go PWB with 3 wedges remaining in my boot (all going well).

Side note:

I had become really adept and surprisingly mobile with the light weight fibreglass cast that I had from 1-4 weeks.

I had set up my environment to my advantage and become quite independent.

However all my good work was kicked into touch once I was placed into the Aircast.

The weight of the thing was a huge set back. It was as if I was starting all over again, hugely disappointing both mentally and physically.

To compensate, I have ditched my comfy and supportive trainers and I’m now using a heavy duty walking boot which helps my good ankle/AT/knee/hip/blanace/extra ground clearence to deal with the extra loads of the heavy appendage whilst NWB/PWB.

I also found (still do) it very difficult to sleep due to the weight / shape of the cast. This has been aided by extra EXTRA EXTRA pillows, also deflating the boot, and removing the front plate (keeping the straps tight) cannot be recommended highly enough!


My only deviation from the fast protocols seem to be my consultants reluctance to let me PWB and commence out of boot ROM exercises now (WK5).


Im interested to learn what feelings/sensations of healing people had whilst in cast/boot.

How do we know it is healing? Should I ask of an ultrasound/MRI at my 6 week check up?

And finally:-

I have seen 1 or 2 people have problems with wedges which led to re-ruptures) due to wedges slipping under their heel. Any tips to avoid this happening?

Happy healling fellow ATR conquers!

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