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Been booted!

It’s heavy! Well heavier than my cast was. It’s been four days since I went back to hospital to get my cast off and boot on. It felt really weird and was scared to put my foot down initially. It’s a small but my toes still can’t be seen, it feel big. I feel like Robocop on crutches. Dr said I don’t need daily injections to help blood circulation now I have the boot. In 2weeks I can take out the first heel raise then go back to hospital for second one taking out three weeks after that. Two weeks later the last one will come out leaving me in the boot for a further two weeks. 9 weeks! I have to keep the boot on 24/7 and although I can remove it to wash foot have been too scared to do so yet. It still hurts and am scared it will change position and may tear again. Will have to bite the bullet soon though. I asked about doing ROM exercises and he said no. Physiotherapy will start when boot comes off. ??? Read lots of blogs saying otherwise. So not sure.

Moving around is a lot easier now and can balance better. 9 weeks feel along way off at the moment. Suppose it’s just a case of being patient!

Only two more days to getting the cast off and boot on! It is probably no big deal to some but I am ready for a change. Thanks for all the advice so far. Will be checking which protocol my Dr is using.

Has anyone else found that everyone wants a go on your crutches!¬† especially my teenage children. They come to check if I need anything and immediately start fiddling. I have to remind them not to go off with them, leaving me stranded. Then there is the ‘ who can balance on them with feet up for the longest¬†’ competition. Oh well makes me smile.

Hi all, can’t believe I’m writing a blog for the first time(silver lining point number one- have more time to become familiar with IT). This site was recommended so I decided to take a look. After reading and being reassured by other blogs I thought this might be a helpful and worthwhile way to spend some of my recovery time.
I ruptured my Achilles tendon just over a week ago playing netball. I played a lot when I was younger and recently started playing again. It was our first match of the season and the injury occurred in the last two minutes of the game! I wasn’t running or jumping at the time, I literally stepped back and felt as though someone had kicked the back of my ankle or put a rock on court for me to back into! There was a definite popping/thud noise as it went.For a minute or two I couldn’t move. My whole leg felt like a dead weight and couldn’t be lifted. One of my sons was watching and after realising I was injured and not just taking a breather, he carried me off court(slightly embarrassing). My daughter who was also playing didn’t come over in case she was given off side. Bless her. Another player told me to feel the back of my ankle and then I knew what I had done.
A trip to the Accident and Emergency Room confirmed it. The Doctor did a calf test and I had a cast/pot put on. This is on for two weeks and I have an injection every night to thin my blood. I think it will go into a boot on Thursday.
I’ve been amazed at how much I am having to rely on others. For just about everything! Luckily I have a husband and three teenage children who are trying to do housework, cooking and washing between them( still a big pile of ironing that no one has been brave enough to attempt yet though). Do feel very dependent. I work full time and am not usually a person who sits around a lot. I was shocked when the Dr said he was giving me a sicknote for six weeks to begin with and then even more shocked when he said I would be in a boot for approximately twelve weeks!
Have bought a new book and watched Netflix. I have ,up until now, managed to resist watching day time TV (I think I may go crazy if I start). So I’m hoping that writing this blog might in some way help me and others along the road of recovery. I know its not going to be easy and patience will need to become my daily mantra but I am starting off by thinking positively and putting my best foot( and two crutches) forward. Thanks to those who blog , you’re certainly helping me and giving hope of a full recovery.

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