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Still in the crocs!

Been great reading everyone progress. Amazing how we feel so excited about being able to do  such everyday thing: I can walk upstairs normally now(still working on coming down normally) . I still can’t wear normal shoes though and did eventually cut the back off my trainers. Is this normal at 18 weeks? Back of heel feels tender and have a sort of indentation on the inner side and my ankle/foot still swollen, getting worse as day goes on. Still very stiff in the morning and if stationery for a while. Would love to know if others have experienced this . Having said all that still positive and feel like its getting stronger. Happy healing everyone.

Nearly 16 Weeks Post ATR

Hi everyone, it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted but have been trying to keep up with reading your blogs. Lots of progress happening. I’ve been doing OK I think. I went back to work at the beginning of September in my ’sneakers’ or crocs. These are the only shoes I can wear the moment as my foot still swells a lot and feels tender at the back of my heel. I am doing heel raises and stretches when ever I can and can see some improvement.
Have a few queries that you guys may be able to help with that I will run by physio when I see him this week too:
The bottom of my heel aches most of the time(even now when I have not been on my feet yet) Is this normal? Any tips for reducing pain?
Bruising seems to be coming out again around ankle, is that normal?
Don’t seem to be able to shower standing as my injured foot slips a lot and I’m worried about falling. Normal?
My main concern is the heel pain.

Can now do heel raises sitting and getting better at standing raises. Seem to be lots of little tips on here I’m trying to follow about coming down stairs n what to wear.

Hope someone can advise. Happy healing everyone!

OUCH, first physio?

I consider myself a relaxed polite non aggressive person but omg, that physio tested my good nature today! Started off ok with a few questions, stretches ‘lets see how far you can’ type things. Then he manipulated my calf ,leg and hit some very tender spots. Serious pain, worse than when I originally did it! I have had three children with no pain relief and thought my pain threshold was high but OUCH! That was not what I thought massage would be. I don’t usually swear but nearly came out with a few choice words. He said I should get someone at home to do it or do it myself everyday if possible. A rolling pin and wine bottle were mentioned for pressing/rolling on calf muscle. On the plus side I did get some exercises to do at home and don’t have to go back for 2 or 3weeks. Muscles just feel so tight at the moment ,not sure they will get back to normal. Oh well Will do my exercises and time will tell. Any tips for pain free massage gratefully received! Happy healing everyone.

Too Tight?

Hi all,

Realised today that when I’m standing with feet slightly apart I can hardly bend my left knee at all! It feels tight all the way round my leg from knee down. Should it be this tight? Its ok when sitting or no weight on it. Assuming it must be Achilles still stopping it.  no real pain just really tight. Is this normal? Anyone else had this? On a positive note, I bought my first pair of crocs today. Not very glamorous but so comfortable and meant and didn’t have to chop the back bit off my trainers(they are rubbing against Achilles). Not bothering to use the ‘lifts’ which turned out to be thin pieces of felt just cut to go in shoe.  Still trying to do ROM and some walking n stretching.

Any opinions, advice welcome. Thanks

Yesterday the boot came off! I’ve gone from having to wear it all the time for the past 10 weeks(2weeks in cast before that) to not having it at all. At the appointment there was no Thompson test just alot of poking and prodding, which was painful , to then putting on two trainers and leaving the boot behind. I then went to have ‘inserts’ put in my shoes which turned out to be pieces of 5mm sticky backed felt. I got another piece to take away with me so that I can cut more for other shoes. I was warned that they are messy when trying to remove.

Was told physio starts next Thursday. Wasn’t sure whether to use crutches or not. So I left the hospital , very slowly , using one crutch on opposite side. Dr said to ‘get things  moving I can walk and do gentle stretches. My heel feels sore and muscles at front and calf/ tendon very tight. I did do tiny bits of walking in two shoes for last week but don’t think its been enough. I can hardly bend my knee when standing as muscles feel so tight.

Just wanted to ask you guys if this is normal? Any advice for this week before physio starts? And should it still be painful(feels very bruised and have noticed slight bruising around ankle) ? Maybe am just anxious about rerupture and new term starting back at work in two weeks ?

Trying to stay positive- ‘could be worse and not for ever’ but really would like a few opinions about how it has been for others. Thanks

Wedge Free! week 10

Following a great trip to France (thanks for flying tips guys) I removed the last wedge last Thursday. Took advice about removing it before bed so foot adjusted during the night,  before weight bearing. Felt a bit tight and now have ache/pain in the bottom of my heel, which I haven’t really had as yet. Anyone else experienced that? Needed crutch for day or so but back to FWB.

Have been doing some  very gentle rom type exercises and tried heel raise while sitting. Not sure what I’m doing really. Hospital has said stay in boot with no physio yet but am trying to do something because I don’t want to be too stiff when it comes off.Can’t imagine that I will ever be able to put weight on foot without boot

Any tips for flying?

My husband has just booked a few days in France for us. His brother lives near Paris so will be nice to spend some time with family and friends. Although I’m looking forward to it I am a little apprehensive as still have some soreness and swelling by the end of the day. Don’t want to spoil things for anyone or my AT. Any of you guys got some travel tips ?

One Lift Left!

Only one lift left! The second lift got taken out on Thursday when I was back at the hospital for appointment. Initial minor pain when foot went back into boot but nothing bad. Still ok FWB but did feel strange in new position. Going to use Norm’s tip of taking it out before sleeping for next one. Saw a different Dr again on this visit. Was only in about 5 minutes and he didn’t look at leg. I go back on 5 weeks by which time the boot will be due to come off and then physiotherapy starts for 6 weeks apparently.I didn’t mention that I am already doing some gentle ROM exercises myself at night before bed and after washing. He said I still have to sleep in the boot, which I am now getting used to.
Been out and about more and went into work for the last day of term. Looking forward to starting back in September with no boot hopefully. May even get away for a week in France in a couple of weeks time with a bit of luck.
Happy healing everyone.

Well it’s been a few weeks since I last added to my blog ( although I have been reading quite a few of your great blogs and good advice) so I thought I would add a bit to chart the last the last couple of weeks.

Its been a bit of a mixture of emotions the last few weeks. At times I have felt frustrated, upset and as though I was making no progress. Felt like I would never progress from using  crutches. Then the following day managed to walk few steps around kitchen with no crutches. A pleasant and welcome surprise! Still experiencing some swelling towards end of day ( shape of padding in boot imprinted on leg!) but trying to elevate often. It feels good to have hands free to carry and move things around. I haven’t completely banished the crutches, I’m still using one most of the time and two when I’m out and about but it feels like progress. It’s back to the hospital Thursday morning for the second lift to come out. I may take Norm’s advice and remove it the night before so that it has chance to adjust a little during night before moving around on it.

So although there have been ‘downs’ I think it’s important to concentrate on the ‘ups’. I have read more, relaxed more and worked less. Been surrounded by family more and realised what good friends we have. There are going to be no more frowns and  down days. I am going to keep reminding myself to be patient, positive and that it may take a while but it’s not for ever!

Just a few questions for you guys: Top of foot feels bit stiffer than over past few weeks, that normal?

Getting bit of throbbing pain in calf sometimes, doesn’t last long but is that normal?

Is it worth getting MRI scan at this point to see how well its knitting together?

Advice would be appreciated. Happy healing everyone.

Well it’s week 4 since AT snap and this site has been great! Like with many of you it has become part of my daily routine and everyday I find someone with words of wisdom to help keep me on track.

Yesterday it was time for the first heel lift to come out. I was so nervous, especially as it was so painful when my foot first went from cast to boot. I had visions of experiencing the pain. I have been told to keep the boot on 24/7 so have only had it out of the boot a couple of times for washing, which added to the apprehension. My son came down stairs and asked if I needed a hand ( he’s a first year medical student and I think he’s practising his bedside manner on me) so I decided that was the time to just bite the bullet and do it!

After the initial shock of seeing that it was still swollen ( and some funny shaped swelling that followed the pattern of padding in my boot) I gave my foot a warm soak while my son removed the bottom lift. I tried moving my foot from side to side in the water and did alphabet movements without lifting toes towards me. Not full ROM but some. Once dry  and with the new liner in place it was time for the newly positioned boot to go on. I braced myself…… eased my foot slowly in…. and….no pain.. it was ok! Not what I was expecting at all. Such a relief. I sat with it elevated for a while and it did ache later that day after moving around a bit but nothing like what I was expecting. I’m wondering if I am wearing my boot too tight or whether it has too much air in or whether it’s normal to get swelling at the sides as well as back of calf and just below.??. Maybe some of you guys will know.

Patience is my mantra and I keep telling myself- It could be worse and it’s not for ever!

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