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Written on October 9, 2010 – 12:44 am | by normofthenorth

It’s gradually been dawning on me that it would be helpful to have one spot here, where we can share our fave tips and tricks on using this nifty web-site. Like ways to post, edit, navigate, use widgets, etc., etc.

Obviously, Dennis has outlined many of the basic steps, starting on the main page. But I’ve discovered a few tricks of my own, and I bet lots of you use some tricks that I haven’t discovered yet. And lots of this is a challenge to newbies — though I bet some of them could teach me some tricks, too.

So here’s a place for us to share what we’ve learned, that ISN’T about tendons and ankles and boots and casts and crutches. . . (If I’ve missed a good existing collection of tips and tricks, please post the link here.)

I’m no expert, but I’ve picked up some, and here are a few of my own:
1) We bloggers can choose a “theme” for our entire blog, by clicking on Appearance | Themes in the menu at the top of the page. The choice affects a LOT, not just the cosmetic appearance of our pages. Some themes seem to allow commenters to edit their comments for 15 minutes, and others don’t. Some allow the (really helpful) ATR Timeline widget to appear, and others don’t. Some show links to earlier and later Posts in that same Blog — and others don’t. There may be a tradeoff between a theme that really looks nice, and “looks like you”, and one that actually DOES what you want it to do!
2) If you’re reading somebody’s blog post, and the comments, and you want to see earlier (or later) posts, you MAY be able to click on a link below the post, or one of several links in the margin. Or you may see a calendar that shows (and links) each MONTH that contains posts from that blogger. If not, you can see links to a bunch of that person’s posts by editing the URL, so it just shows . Only instead of “USERNAME”, just leave that blogger’s ID (like “normofthenorth” for me). You should see a bunch of original posts, with links to the comments for each, and a link to earlier posts.
3) Under “Settings“, we have a lot of useful choices. We can make it easier or harder for spammers to post comments. We can make it easier or harder for posters to add URLs to their posts — withOUT their posts going into limbo until you expressly OK them. (If you click on “Comments”, you can see if there are any posts awaiting approval, and either clear them, or delete them.)
4) If you’ve never used the “Search AchillesBlog” gizmo at the top right of the Main Page, it’s often Very Useful. For finding answers and advice on specific issues, for tracking down a post or comment that you’re SURE you read SOMEWHERE, but can’t recall where, etc. (I think it just triggers Google to do a search that starts with file: , then adds your search terms.)
5) If you’ve got a blog of your own, but haven’t installed that ATR Timeline widget, I think you should. If you’ve tried and it doesn’t appear, it’s probably because your choice of “theme” doesn’t have a spot for it. Me, I’d change themes, but that’s your choice.
6) The only problem with that wonderful widget — other than saying that we’re all so many weeks and days “Post-OP”, even if we cleverly AVOIDED the “OP”!! — is that it keeps running! By that I mean this: if you go back to read an early blog post from an old-timer like me, you may be reading about my experience at 6 or 12 weeks post-non-op, but the Widget will tell you that I’m 43-odd weeks post-non-op, which is true TODAY, but NOT when that post was posted. If you’re lucky, the text will mention how long it’s been; if not, you’ve got to do some math to figure out how soon that poster was FWB, or doing 2-leg heel raises, or driving, or whatever.
7) At least on my blog, with my theme, I can’t get the Underline function to work. Bold works fine, italic is fine, but


comes out like that. Anybody got a solution?

Enough for now, at least from me!

If you’ve got some faves of your own, or some better ways of doing the above, please join in. I’ve never posted a photo, or a blog linked to a video, so people who’ve succeeded at that, please share. If we do a good enough job, maybe Dennis will link this page to the Main Page, to help newbies get up to speed.

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  2. By normofthenorth on Oct 9, 2010 | Reply

    I wrote above that “Some themes seem to allow commenters to edit their comments for 15 minutes, and others don’t.” That may be partly true, but there’s also a selection we can make, under “Settings | Ajax Edit Comments” that allows this feature to be activated (”Allow Anyone to Edit Their Own Comments?”) and configured (”Set comment time (minutes): __”, etc.).

  3. By garyf on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    Norm, I’m new to this site and have probably clicked on the wrong ‘thread’ to get in touch with you so apologies in advance!! I’ve been reading your posts regarding taking the non surgical route and I’m really interested in what you’ve had to say and the links to papers that have been published to back up the theory that non surgical has the same benefits as surgery. Now to my point!! I ruptured my AT in my right leg on Fri 17th Dec 2010. I was dancing at my office Christmas party. I went to A&E (UK) on 19th Dec and was fitted with a holding cast until I saw a ‘consultant’ the following day. I was offered options of surgery or just a cast and I took cast option as I was worried about infections etc. The problem I have is my consultant has put a cast on and told me he’ll see me in 6 weeks. Looking at the stuff you’ve posted this looks to be the worst thing he could do as my calf will weaken, meaning re-rupture more likely!! In the UK we get healthcare free so I don’t know if I can go back to my consultant and demand a more aggressive rehab - any clues what I do now?? Thanks. Gary.

  4. By normofthenorth on Dec 23, 2010 | Reply

    Gary, I think I’m just going to copy your question, and respond to it, on another page that seems more suitable, like (the one I named something like) “the case for skipping ATR surgery”. If you have trouble finding it, post here and I’ll post a link. I don’t want to slow down your progress.

  5. By joshuamatlock on Dec 11, 2020 | Reply

    WordPress is although the most used site but the thing is the new bee or an noob can use it. You first have to learn that how we can use it. Because only then you can work on word press. Otherwise no chance.

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