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Feb 25 2010

5 Week Mark - PT Time!

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Had a great meeting with the Doc yesterday and at exactly 5 weeks from surgery date, I received clearance to start PT - 2x a week for 6 weeks. He also said I can ditch the boot next week (at the 6 week mark) and put on a sports ankle brace. I was shocked (but pleased!) as I didn’t have a cast nor did I have any inserts into the boot I’ve read others on this site have had.  From the very first visit, he placed me into the boot at zero degrees, and I’ve been there ever since.

During yesterday’s visit, he had me do some simple ROM exercises and push hard against his hand as he felt the AT. He said the tendon felt good and looked good and noted how the calf had atrophied, but that everything was connected.

I’ve been FWB since 3 weeks and been walking w/out crutches for about 10 days now.   I’m going to PT today, so we’ll see what they think.  Has anyone had the ankle brace?  It’s called Game Day from Ossur and secures around the ankle with shoe lacing and velcro.

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