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Feb 18 2010

The Four Week Mark…is my calf still there?

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At 4 weeks and 1 day, I’m now able to walk around on the boot without crutches and don’t have the pins & needles any longer.  The mobility has been great and it’s lifted my spirits quite a bit and I’m able to do a few things around the house.  I still have sensitivity and color changes as the blood flow changes, but the pain is gone.  It’s really just stiff at this point and I continue to do my simple toe exercises to lightly work the foot and AT.

In doing the simple exercises, I can feel a light connection to the calf muscle, but can’t seem to get it to "fire" much at all.  Granted, I can’t move it any way close to my good foot, but I’m concerned about the calf connection.  I can point it down, but pointing up is a problem - it’s just really stiff.  The muscle has also atrophied and is definately smaller than the other good leg.

Petco, you mentioned in a recent post, that you got your calf to ‘fire’.  Was it a strong solid connection or light?  Can you point your toe up very far?

Anyone else out there have thoughts or experiences from the 4 week mark regarding the connection to the calf muscle?

I’ll certainly address this next week at my next Dr. appt to ensure I don’t have any other hidden issues…

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