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Feb 11 2010

Real Progress - on a few fronts…Week 3 post surgery

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This is my first post on my own personal blog!!

So here I am at 3 weeks and 1 day since ATR surgery and I am actually beginning to feel true progress.  I’m now PWB and getting more
confident to place more and more weight on the foot each day.  I’ve shifted from two crutches to one for much of the day.  My foot still is very sensitive and goes from hot to cold, changes colors, etc but nothing that I’m overly worried about at this point.  Still have the pins and needles when I put weight on it, but that too lessens each day.

Being patient has been a true challenge.  Like most of us on this site, we are active and sporting people that want to get back in the action.  I’ve had to cancel 5 business trips too.  Being in sales, that’s not easy.  I’ve been working at home all this time and have not yet returned to the office.  Just trying to focus on healing right now. Hoping to get in a few days the week of 2/22 if all goes well in the next 2 weeks.

March 7 will be my first flight - at about 6 weeks from surgery.  I’ll be travelling with my friend the boot, and hopefully with no crutches, but we’ll see.  Anyone walking without crutches in the boot at 6 weeks?  Anyone have hints about getting around at the airport, handling luggage, etc?

Also eager to start PT, but Dr said not until after my next visit on 2/24.  I’ll need to drive first to be able to get there, and since this is my right leg, that’s more challenging.  I plan to practice this weekend on the automatic and see how it goes.  Fun times, that’s for sure.  This is certainly a tough injury.

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