Jun 12 2010

20 Weeks - An Overdue Post

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I’ve been meaning to post for weeks now and have been checking the progress of my fellow ATR folks on this site from time to time.  Perhaps as a benchmark to my own progress, so time to give some back…

I’ve been feeling really good lately, swelling is down considerably over the past few weeks, even after a strong PT workout or just general activity around the house.  Some mornings I’ve got the limp until the AT warms up, but usually it’s ready to start the day each morning.  Scar is nearly healed and the AT itself is getting thinner.  Bumps on the AT have smoothed out as well.  Seems all good there.

I can now do at least 15 single leg calf raises, but not nearly as high as the "good" leg.  PT has me on the treadmill now doing a fast walk to warm up, then run at 7.0 for 1 min, walk for 1 min, about 5-6 times.  I don’t have extra swelling or excessive soreness from it either.  I’ve been mountain biking again (since last week), and even surfing (past 3 weeks).  I can say that I’m pleased with the progress.  Had my Ortho follow up on 5/26 and he essentially dismissed me, saying call if you feel you need to see me.  I’ve got PT for another few weeks and then I’m on my own.

The only issue I have is when I crouch down low and put all my weight on it, I get a pinching pain in the front of the foot (opposite from the AT).  PT said it could be due to the swelling around the ankle bones, tendons and bursas.  I feel the pinch after I land after a jump or a low crouch while surfing.  Seems to hurt for a few minutes then goes away.  Anyone out there have a similar experience?

It’s clear I’m nowhere near 100%, but I’d say 65% is probably close.  Hey, kinda like that Marathon tracker, eh?  :)

Overall, progress comes weekly now, where I feel I can do slightly more of all my PT exercises (jumping, heel raises, running, dips, etc).  Just in time for summer!  Still playing it smart, not going full steam into sports I know could set me back and especially those I don’t usually do (which is how I got here in the first place.)

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Apr 12 2010

Week 12 - Focus on Strength

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Since my last Dr’s visit on 3/26 at week 10, the goal has been to build strength in the AT through a variety of exercises.  By May 26th, he wants to see me do 10 single leg calf raises on the repaired AT.  Today, I can do zero.  I’ve got the two leg versions down and can do 2 sets of 20, but one leg?  Not yet.

Each day I seem to get a little more flexibility and perhaps more strength.  After a long day on my feet, the swelling still occurs and I need to elevate and ice.  Typically, by morning the swelling is down, and I’m ready to take on another day.

In the next week or so, I’m going to give surfing a shot as I seem to have the flexibility now.  I hope to be able to jump on the mountain bike soon to get back into the outdoor cardio game again, as running isn’t an option just yet.  Perhaps in addition to the stationary bike, the elliptical machine may do the trick.

Anyone out there able to do single leg calf raises within 18 weeks?

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Mar 03 2010

2 Shoes @ 6 weeks

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Had my second PT visit yesterday. After a variety of stretching, massage, ROM, electro-stim, and standing exercises, I was able to walk (limp) around the room without pain and an extremely tight AT. The AT was still very stiff, but it seems to "loosen" slightly each day as I do my assigned exercises at home. Ortho told me to ditch the boot today in favor of a sports ankle brace.

So, I guess I’m officially in 2 shoes, perhaps with an asterisk?! Certainly not running, and I’m walking with a limp, but it’s nice to be free of the boot.  Still a long road ahead, but this is progress nonetheless.  Seems like the PT will be important in getting the AT loose again….another visit tomorrow.

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Feb 25 2010

5 Week Mark - PT Time!

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Had a great meeting with the Doc yesterday and at exactly 5 weeks from surgery date, I received clearance to start PT - 2x a week for 6 weeks. He also said I can ditch the boot next week (at the 6 week mark) and put on a sports ankle brace. I was shocked (but pleased!) as I didn’t have a cast nor did I have any inserts into the boot I’ve read others on this site have had.  From the very first visit, he placed me into the boot at zero degrees, and I’ve been there ever since.

During yesterday’s visit, he had me do some simple ROM exercises and push hard against his hand as he felt the AT. He said the tendon felt good and looked good and noted how the calf had atrophied, but that everything was connected.

I’ve been FWB since 3 weeks and been walking w/out crutches for about 10 days now.   I’m going to PT today, so we’ll see what they think.  Has anyone had the ankle brace?  It’s called Game Day from Ossur and secures around the ankle with shoe lacing and velcro.

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Feb 18 2010

The Four Week Mark…is my calf still there?

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At 4 weeks and 1 day, I’m now able to walk around on the boot without crutches and don’t have the pins & needles any longer.  The mobility has been great and it’s lifted my spirits quite a bit and I’m able to do a few things around the house.  I still have sensitivity and color changes as the blood flow changes, but the pain is gone.  It’s really just stiff at this point and I continue to do my simple toe exercises to lightly work the foot and AT.

In doing the simple exercises, I can feel a light connection to the calf muscle, but can’t seem to get it to "fire" much at all.  Granted, I can’t move it any way close to my good foot, but I’m concerned about the calf connection.  I can point it down, but pointing up is a problem - it’s just really stiff.  The muscle has also atrophied and is definately smaller than the other good leg.

Petco, you mentioned in a recent post, that you got your calf to ‘fire’.  Was it a strong solid connection or light?  Can you point your toe up very far?

Anyone else out there have thoughts or experiences from the 4 week mark regarding the connection to the calf muscle?

I’ll certainly address this next week at my next Dr. appt to ensure I don’t have any other hidden issues…

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Feb 11 2010

Real Progress - on a few fronts…Week 3 post surgery

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This is my first post on my own personal blog!!

So here I am at 3 weeks and 1 day since ATR surgery and I am actually beginning to feel true progress.  I’m now PWB and getting more
confident to place more and more weight on the foot each day.  I’ve shifted from two crutches to one for much of the day.  My foot still is very sensitive and goes from hot to cold, changes colors, etc but nothing that I’m overly worried about at this point.  Still have the pins and needles when I put weight on it, but that too lessens each day.

Being patient has been a true challenge.  Like most of us on this site, we are active and sporting people that want to get back in the action.  I’ve had to cancel 5 business trips too.  Being in sales, that’s not easy.  I’ve been working at home all this time and have not yet returned to the office.  Just trying to focus on healing right now. Hoping to get in a few days the week of 2/22 if all goes well in the next 2 weeks.

March 7 will be my first flight - at about 6 weeks from surgery.  I’ll be travelling with my friend the boot, and hopefully with no crutches, but we’ll see.  Anyone walking without crutches in the boot at 6 weeks?  Anyone have hints about getting around at the airport, handling luggage, etc?

Also eager to start PT, but Dr said not until after my next visit on 2/24.  I’ll need to drive first to be able to get there, and since this is my right leg, that’s more challenging.  I plan to practice this weekend on the automatic and see how it goes.  Fun times, that’s for sure.  This is certainly a tough injury.

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Feb 10 2010

Hello world!

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