I’m just over six weeks post-op and am ridding myself of the walking boot this week and switching to two shoes.  My surgeon had agreed to put me directly into a walking boot at week two instead of her usual protocol which had been cast for three weeks and then the walking boot.  When I went in for my six-week post-op, Monday, I told her I had gradually gone to walking on the boot without crutches over the last few days prior to the appointment and had been applying scar gel and massaging the scar several times a day for the last several weeks.  She told me that she was so pleased with progress and scar healing that she thought I was ready for two shoes as soon as I felt completely comfortable walking in the boot without crutches.  She gave me an AchilloTrain to use as a walking aid with two shoes.  It is fantastic!  It is woven wrap that goes over the heel/achilles with a gel-like wedge under the heel and provides compression/support around the achilles.  I started walking around the house yesterday with the AchilloTrain and today I’ve been walking with it outside with two shoes and no crutches.  I’m walking slowly and not without a limp, but it does not hurt and it really feels good/safe to walk on my own.  I encourage everyone to check it out.  At PT today I also got to try something called the G-Trainer, which is really cool and helped me a lot with walking.  The GT is an anti-gravity treadmill, which allows you to walk without putting weight stress on the injured achilles while working on your natural gait.  I’m going to use it as much as I can.  Thats it for now.  I want to thank everyone on this site for all the great information and support.  I’m so happy that I went directly to the boot instead of a cast.  I only learned about this option from others of you ATRers.  Same with the scar gel.  Same with compression socks.  Now it’s my chance to share the AchilloTrain.

postop rehab protocol

Coming up on my first postop one week after surgery.  Believe doc will want to cast me for 3 weeks, then boot me for 2 more, then PT to begin 6 weeks out.  I want to push for more aggressive protocol with walking boot/modified orthosis and partial weight bearing, disuse of crutches, asap.  Read studies and seen protocols saying early functional treatment leads to faster recovery, less muscle atrophy, etc., without increased incidence of rerupture/complications.

Don’t know how doc will respond but want to push for this approach.  Anyone have this issue?  Suggestions?

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