2 shoes and an uncomfortable smile

Had first PT visit today and it was everything that folks said. Lots of history for the PT, a battery of measurements to check range of motion, tests to measure NWB strength, and assessment of the bones of the foot to check for mobility. My PT was very pleased with range of motion and the fact that I was able to move 2 degrees in flex. Normal range is 7 to 10 degrees. He said most patients are at 0 or still in negative numbers. Out of all the joints and bones important to walking, he only needed to “mobilize” 2…the rest were still moving and functioning as they are required to. He tested my NWB strength and was very pleased. Put me on my feet to test my FWB and of course I was weak and hesitant. He then had me walk barefoot to check my walk. His assessment…after 3 weeks FWB in the boot, i was ready for 2 shoes and I left the office CARRYING my boot. Keep it in case it is needed for the next week or so, he said but highly unlikely. I go back next Wednesday and he said we will start on the strengthening work. My only assignment between now and then, keep up with the ROM exercises, and Practice proper walking technique…use full motion of foot from plant to push off with big toe. when i do that, I feel the weakness in the leg and hence the uncomfortable smile. Not painful, just feels very weird. And the biggest reminder….take your time and KEEP HEAD UP WHILE WALKING, don’t look down and watch yourself walk…it throws your balance off. Finished the visit off with a very great massage of the surgical site to loosen up scar tissue and promote healing. it was a strong massage but not painful….felt great. We set a couple of goals 1 short and 1 long term to work towards. Great PT, explained everything he was doing to me and why it was done and how it was used to create a treatment plan. I am very happy with my PT and explained everything in plain english…learned a lot about the anatomy of my injury, ankle, and foot today. I hope many of you have similar results. I am moving slow again, but the boot is off! I chalk my great visit up to the diligence of doing the exercises even when I thought they were not effective. Off to practice some proper walking.

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  1. That is so very exciting for you. From what you have explained I would have to agree that you have scored well getting a good PT. Instead of looking down you will have to look ahead for those things that will trip you up. You will know when you have done too much walking as you will start to limp. When you do, just shorten your stride but maintain that proper walking gate until you can get the foot up for some rest. Uneven surfaces and up hill will be the worst for a while. Excellent news.

  2. Great news! I agree with Stuart that you seem to have found a very good and thorough PT. The only comment I have for you is that you might now start experiencing more swelling–from being out of the boot and more active. It’s not a setback, just part of the recovery process. So, as you’re able, still elevate–and keep that ice pack at the ready. Forewarned is forearmed! -David

  3. As someone who has just made the transition to two shoes I’d echo David’s comments - swelling which I never had whilst in the boot has arrived. Elevation and ice do the trick though and I’m also using a compression sock when at work as not so easy to elevate and ice in the office.

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