PT starts tomorrow, 1st visit…what should I expect?

Excited and anxious. I see a physical therapist starting tomorrow and it happens to coincide with the time period that the surgeon recommends that I start coming out of the boot and into two shoes. Can’t wait to ditch the boot but i know my injured leg is weak and I will be moving slow again without the security of the boot. What should I expect for my first visit to the PT and should I take my other shoe and be prepared to leave in two shoes?

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  1. Take the other shoe as it may be needed during the session but not necessarily to walk home in. Your PT may give you wedges for your shoes. There will some history to record and some poking, proding and measuring, maybe some massage and then who knows. What to expect depends on many things and is difficult to say. Your Doc may have given specific instructions. First visits are usually longer and are often more about assessment and sorting out a program.

  2. Bring a shoe with you–just to be prepared. The initial PT session will be an assessment of your current status and guidance for your active recovery. Listen, and ask questions. You should leave with a clear plan for at-home exercises until your next PT session—and how, exactly, you should work on “weaning” from your boot. Good luck! -David

  3. Expect to leave in your boot, but hopefully with a big grin after trying on two shoes. The transition to two shoes may take a while. Expect to incrementally and slowly transition to two shoes over a period of days, could take a couple or few weeks time to completely ditch the boot, and if you are able to go faster than that consider yourself lucky! :-)

  4. Thanks very much…very helpful.

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  5. Must be exciting. I am at the stage of removing my first heel lift today. Very scary! So great to read your story to keep me focused on next stages. Good luck and let us know if you left with that smile or in two shoes.

  6. Congrats! I’m a little over a week behind you. Looking forward to my first pt. My doc told me to use the boot for the 4 weeks during pt. Good luck!!

  7. nosport45 — what helped after I removed each wedge was to massage the tendon a little before getting into the boot less a wedge. you will feel the stretch but get used to it fairly quickly. One of the keys for me was to keep in mind that my surgeon encouraged me to walk as much as I could at each of the weight bearing stages. I hated my crutches but made it a point to make a circuit around my workplace at least once every two hours. Had to ice and elevate at the end of the day, but not being too sedentary is just as important as not trying to over achieve….this is a year long process. Good luck!

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