2 shoes and an uncomfortable smile

Had first PT visit today and it was everything that folks said. Lots of history for the PT, a battery of measurements to check range of motion, tests to measure NWB strength, and assessment of the bones of the foot to check for mobility. My PT was very pleased with range of motion and the fact that I was able to move 2 degrees in flex. Normal range is 7 to 10 degrees. He said most patients are at 0 or still in negative numbers. Out of all the joints and bones important to walking, he only needed to “mobilize” 2…the rest were still moving and functioning as they are required to. He tested my NWB strength and was very pleased. Put me on my feet to test my FWB and of course I was weak and hesitant. He then had me walk barefoot to check my walk. His assessment…after 3 weeks FWB in the boot, i was ready for 2 shoes and I left the office CARRYING my boot. Keep it in case it is needed for the next week or so, he said but highly unlikely. I go back next Wednesday and he said we will start on the strengthening work. My only assignment between now and then, keep up with the ROM exercises, and Practice proper walking technique…use full motion of foot from plant to push off with big toe. when i do that, I feel the weakness in the leg and hence the uncomfortable smile. Not painful, just feels very weird. And the biggest reminder….take your time and KEEP HEAD UP WHILE WALKING, don’t look down and watch yourself walk…it throws your balance off. Finished the visit off with a very great massage of the surgical site to loosen up scar tissue and promote healing. it was a strong massage but not painful….felt great. We set a couple of goals 1 short and 1 long term to work towards. Great PT, explained everything he was doing to me and why it was done and how it was used to create a treatment plan. I am very happy with my PT and explained everything in plain english…learned a lot about the anatomy of my injury, ankle, and foot today. I hope many of you have similar results. I am moving slow again, but the boot is off! I chalk my great visit up to the diligence of doing the exercises even when I thought they were not effective. Off to practice some proper walking.

PT starts tomorrow, 1st visit…what should I expect?

Excited and anxious. I see a physical therapist starting tomorrow and it happens to coincide with the time period that the surgeon recommends that I start coming out of the boot and into two shoes. Can’t wait to ditch the boot but i know my injured leg is weak and I will be moving slow again without the security of the boot. What should I expect for my first visit to the PT and should I take my other shoe and be prepared to leave in two shoes?

Seem to be coming along…

Well, its been a while since I have posted.  I am FWB with the boot and enjoying looking at the crutches resting in a corner.  The stretch in the tendon seems to be coming along as I am able to get into the boot in the morning with very little massaging of the tendon and stand right up.  I am less hesitant to put my weight on the leg and experience occasional fatigue of the leg at the end of the day.  my EVENUP has made this much easier and saved my back and hips.  I occasionally stand on the leg without the boot when I am dressing and undressing and I am looking forward to starting PT next week and moving into a regular show.  All this feels good right now but the DR’s reminder of a full year to heal echoes in my head…reminder not to get too comfortable at this stage.  I am still early in the race and cant let discipline go by the wayside.

6 week Post Op visit — “Great Progress” Doc says

Well, good visit yesterday. All lifts are out of the boot…boy that was an interesting sensation getting into the boot. Patience, more Patience, and Caution are the operative words going forward. I spend one more week at 75% PWB and then can move to full weight bearing for another 2 weeks. THEN, probably the most scary and nerve racking milestone…he says I can move into 2 shoes. That will be a mental challenge for me, I have grown used to the security of the boot, but I am looking forward to it. All on my own. By the time my first PT appoint comes around, I should be ready to go into two shoes and I won’t see him again until I am 3 weeks into PT. Guess I should be glad that I am not going back to him every week. Patience, more Patience, and Caution…and following instructions….AND using all the great resource contained here. He loved the EVENUP on my other shoe…thought it was the greatest thing he has seen. I love it too!

Surgical Wound and Raw Honey

****Pure personal choice based on prior history of use**** My surgical wound is healing well. After the doc took out the surgical staples and gave the ok to get the site wet and he added steristrips and skin glue, I religiously cared for the site after each shower. As the strips worked their way off, I noticed the wound was still partially opened. I am always in favor of trying to use natural methods for healing. I have used raw honey in other situations requiring small sound or incision care with great results. Wound is closing up nicely and it is very clean. Do your own reading and research…open minded docs have used it to improve results in C-section wounds, difficult to heal wounds, and those not responding to traditional modern medical methods. Nature has many healing secrets we have tossed to the side in favor of modern technology. HAS TO BE RAW HONEY. My doc will probably freak.

75% PWB and 10 degree lift

Seem to be coming along. This past Wednesday I followed the doc’s instructions and removed a heel lift from the boot and moved up to 75% of my body weight on the injured leg as I walk with crutches. Started with 3 lifts and down to one…this is the first time it has been the most uncomfortable strapping into the boot. Now I know why all the advice from others about doing a little stretching and rubbing the tendon to warm it up when getting out of bed. WOW, what a sensation of moving down another 10 degrees. By next week for my follow up, the doc expects the last lift will be out and my foot will be perpendicular in the boot.

Range of Motion Begins - How much tension?

Lots of concentration and doing the exercises on my good leg to get an idea of how far I should be able to go with my foot.  It’s almost as if my foot is ignoring the commands of my brain.

My doc is great but he didn’t do a fantastic job of going through the ROM exercises.  Again, the web and You Tube are great resources to get an understanding of what I am supposed to be doing.  He did a great job of explaining everything else, including the surgery and exactly what he did, just missed it on the ROM exercises.

I find that the ROM exercises are making it easier to put weight on my leg.  Guess I will be religiously diligent to them and take time out at work to do them also.

The only question I have is how much tension or stretch should I put in the tendon.  It doesn’t hurt but I can feel the tension, but how far do I push the stretch?

Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, wishing all a full recovery physically and mentally.

Recovery Begins - PWB

Went to my second post op appointment and the cast came off.  Greatest feeling in the world.  Into the boot with 3 heel lifts and back to the CRUTCHES!  What did he say? I have three weeks until my next appointment and between now and then, I have to go from 25% of my weight to 75% of my weight on my leg and each week I remove a heel support.  According to my doc, the worst enemy now is my knee cruiser…great, take my hands away again.  After a month of religiously protecting my leg, I have to step down on it again.  What a conversation I had with my protective self…you have to put your foot down!  Do it, do it now! I screamed at myself.

The ankle was swollen at the end of the day and I told my wife it felt like I was in a 4 inch heel…how do and why do women wear shoes like this?

6 days into PWB and the ankle is not swelling as much and I am more comfortable with putting weight on the bad leg.

The greatest pain actually came from the little interlock peg located smack dab in the middle of the heel support.  I want to subject the product engineer to a day in the boot with the interlock peg pushing square into his or her heel.  I have since added padding and one of my heel cushions and what a difference.  I am a pretty heavy person and I could feel the little round interlock peg with even the slightest pressure.

Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, wishing everyone a full complete healing, physically and mentally!

New to blog, 1 month since ATR

In the time I was spending on the web to understand what was happening to me, I stumbled across this site.  I find it help to talk about my experience and what I am going through, but to those that are blessed to not have to experience this situation, they can’t relate.   My family lends an ear, but they can’t relate to the thoughts or the interesting information that I have discovered about the journey I am on.  Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, and wishing all a full, complete recovery physically and mentally!

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