First Post

Well here it is! I finally figured out how to do this! I completely ruptured my achilles playing volleyball on Oct 5 and had surgery on Oct 7. Was on two T3s an hour for the first 24 hours, but have not needed any painkillers since then. On Oct. 19 I had my first post-op visit and my Dr. removed my soft cast and said it was looking really good and fitted me in a walking boot with wedges. Dr. said as soon as you are comfortable in this you can loose the crutches. So on Oct. 20 I dumped the crutches! It really is alot easier to function with a family with three young kids when you can get around! Today was Halloween and I was able to take my kids out trick-or-treating! My next appointment is on Nov 2 and not sure what he will do beside remove one wedge. I will let everyone know how the appointment went! Take care everyone!

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