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Well it has almost been a year since I posted anything and to be honest I had almost forgotten about the site, which is ironic since it was so important to me during recovery! I has almost been a year and a half since my injury and the achilles just keeps getting better and better. Besides a little stiffness in the morning once in awhile I hardly even notice it. I am back playing all the sports that I loved doing before the injury and don’t even have any anxiety about re-injury anymore. Once again thank-you to this site and to all of you out there it will get better, Take care.

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  1. normofthenorth on March 1st, 2013

    Thanks for saying hi again, here and on my blog. The missing vertical in your volleyball jump may yet return, or at least some of it. . . I’ve been playing almost 100% (indoor) beach volleyball recently, and I’ve always been “vertical-impaired” on deep soft sand. But the few times I’ve played court ball post-ATR, I had fun spiking from above the net, and couldn’t spot any deficit in my vertical, DESPITE a very significant deficit in my left calf strength, as demonstrated by a very wimpy (and grunting?) 1-leg heel raise.

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