Well my Northern brothers and sisters and possibly my European friends may know what the heck I’m talking about in this post, but those of you who have no idea, google it! It is a blast!

Anyway back to my accomplishment, I managed to curl in the MCA bonspiel this weekend, which is the largest curling bonspiel in the world. I curled 6 games over 3 days and can say that it got better and better as the weekend went on! Being that my ATR was on my right leg, it was a bit of a concern as this is the leg which I push off with. The first couple of rocks I thought, “THERE IS NO WAY I AM GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS”! I had a bit of an issue throwing as much weight as I would like, but I am very happy to report that I made it through the whole weekend without a re-rupture and the achilles was definitely getting stronger by the end.

Seems that everything is still progeressing, but am having a fair bit of trouble gaining the downward strength. Not sure what it is called, but when I go on my toes I can not keep my weight up and the right heel goes to the ground quickly. Have been doing lots of heel raises and trying to work on slowly lowering it, but this progressing fairly slowly and not sure what else to do. Hopefully it will start to get easier with the work I am putting in! Take care everyone!

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