Slowly progressing

Well was at the Dr on Monday for my 9 week appointment. Pretty uneventful! Dr. says that tendon is completely healed after 12 weeks, so he says I still have to be careful for three more weeks. He did say that I am now allowed to do some light training for my calf. My last week PT appoitment almost killed me! My PT is such a slave driver and I could hardly walk for 3 days, but it feels good to be working hard again!

Last few PT appontments have started with a massage and I am not afraid to admit that this little girl almost brings me to tears! Apparently this is required to break down the scar tisue to help narrow the tendon. Seems like just torture to me! I can’t believe how much it hurts! Oh, well I guess that’s the price of progress! Not sure what I will have to report in the next while, but I will try and post again soon! Stay positive everyone!

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