Physio Begins

Well on Nov. 18 I had my first physio appontment. I found a great therapist and she has already started me on strengthing excercises on all the muscles except my calf! Not allowed to do any strenght training on that for another 3 weeks. She definitely will not be easy on me which was apparent when she did the massage to break-up the scar tissue! OUCH! She was very impressed with the scar and says it is the nicest scar for a ATR surgery that she has seen! (whatever the heck that means) Doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of scar tissue and there is really only one spot at the base of the scar that really hurts. Heading back to see her on Wednesday and I know she will have alot more planned for me! Already the appointments are an hour and a half long! It will be a costly venture as my insurance will not cover it all and I know it will be a long process, but well worth it! Get to start walking in 2 shoes in one week! Super nervous! Seems crazy to start walking without the boot! Here’s hoping that it will go great!

I really hope to be back doing some winter activities before the season is over! I usually curl alot in the winter and would like to definitely get some games in! I am sure that some of you don’t even know what curling is, but we love it in Canada! Would also love to get on the ice skating with my daughter’s hockey and ringette teams! Take care everyone and make sure you keep updating!

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  1. housemusic on November 21st, 2011

    I have a question regarding the pain level during the massage to break up scar tissue…How bad was it? Did you have to grit your teeth?
    My pain level is unbearable, and I feel it is too much.
    My fear is that such intense massage can do more damage than good. what’s your take?

  2. nivergvup on November 22nd, 2011

    Hey Housemusic,
    Well I would say it is a very intense pain when my therapist was working on it. She had said that it would be a long process to break it down so that we would need to keep working on it. The interesting thing was that the majority of the scar tissue is at the base of the scar closest to the ankle. My therapist says that normally the rupture will be in the middle of the scar. So when she is working on the scar tissue and it is not directly where it was re-attached it makes me feel a little better at how much pressure is required to break-up the scar tissue. Not sure where on your incision that your therapist is putting the pressure so I hate to say what is too much pressure! For me I just have to hope that my therapist knows what they are doing becasue we have to put so much trust in them! If you are really concerned go see another therapist and see what they do! Not sure if that helps! Let me know! I have another therapy appontment on Wednesday and I will her what she thinks for you!

  3. housemusic on November 22nd, 2011

    Thank you for your response. I do feel the work is too rough, but I do not know if it is possible to re-rupture the tendon, or damage the repair.
    I am at 8 weeks post op, so technically still at a vulnerable stage. Today I will have it checked and post again. Like you said, we have to put trust in these professionals, and they are only human. They make mistakes, and I am terrified of reinjury!

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