2nd post op visit

Well I had my 2nd post op visit today and everything went according to plan. Dr. took a quick look at the incisiuon which is almost healed up and felt how my calf muscle was feeling. He was showing another Dr. the Thompson test on me, so at least I know it is still attached! lol Dr. took out one of my wedges which leaves me with 2 more. Was told to make another appointment in 2 weeks and then they would either take out one or both of the wedges! He said I still have to sleep in the boot! BOOOO! I guess I really shouldn’t complain, it will be one month since surgery on Nov 7 and I only have 2 wedges in my boot and am FWB in it which seems pretty good!

There was a bit of pain today walking with one of the wedges out as there was a bit more stretcing when I walked, but nothing too serious! Shout out to everyone in our exclusive group! Take care everyone!

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