Looking back at something important

Well it has almost been a year since I posted anything and to be honest I had almost forgotten about the site, which is ironic since it was so important to me during recovery! I has almost been a year and a half since my injury and the achilles just keeps getting better and better. Besides a little stiffness in the morning once in awhile I hardly even notice it. I am back playing all the sports that I loved doing before the injury and don’t even have any anxiety about re-injury anymore. Once again thank-you to this site and to all of you out there it will get better, Take care.

Cleared for Full Duties

Well I had a physio appointment yesterday and my therpaist has cleared me for full duties! So just have to be cleared by my surgeon and then the city Dr. and then I can be back to full duties (I’m a Police Officer)! Has been pretty hard being strapped to a desk which is definitely not what I am use to! So in about a week to a week and half I should be back on the street! Man it sure seems a long time coming, but when I read in so many other blogs about all the struggles that some people are going through I realize how lucky I am! Thinking of you all! Take care everyone!


Well my Northern brothers and sisters and possibly my European friends may know what the heck I’m talking about in this post, but those of you who have no idea, google it! It is a blast!

Anyway back to my accomplishment, I managed to curl in the MCA bonspiel this weekend, which is the largest curling bonspiel in the world. I curled 6 games over 3 days and can say that it got better and better as the weekend went on! Being that my ATR was on my right leg, it was a bit of a concern as this is the leg which I push off with. The first couple of rocks I thought, “THERE IS NO WAY I AM GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS”! I had a bit of an issue throwing as much weight as I would like, but I am very happy to report that I made it through the whole weekend without a re-rupture and the achilles was definitely getting stronger by the end.

Seems that everything is still progeressing, but am having a fair bit of trouble gaining the downward strength. Not sure what it is called, but when I go on my toes I can not keep my weight up and the right heel goes to the ground quickly. Have been doing lots of heel raises and trying to work on slowly lowering it, but this progressing fairly slowly and not sure what else to do. Hopefully it will start to get easier with the work I am putting in! Take care everyone!

12 weeks

Well it is exactly 12 weeks today since I had surgery! Was up at our family cabin over Christmas and got to do some activities that I love with the family. I went skating on the lake and played some hockey with the family, went sliding on a fairly steep hill and was able to walk up with no problems! I actually broke into a jog at on point as I was chasing a dog! I must admit it was a bit of a limping jog, but a jog none the less!

I really am truly thankful for how fast I am progressing and feel guilty when I hear how much trouble some people have. I wish I could pass on some secret I have for progressing quicker, but there really isn’t one that I know of! All I can do is just tell people my story and hope that helps in some way!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year! Take care everyone and I looking forward to hearing all the milestones that everyone will be reaching in 2012!

Slowly progressing

Well was at the Dr on Monday for my 9 week appointment. Pretty uneventful! Dr. says that tendon is completely healed after 12 weeks, so he says I still have to be careful for three more weeks. He did say that I am now allowed to do some light training for my calf. My last week PT appoitment almost killed me! My PT is such a slave driver and I could hardly walk for 3 days, but it feels good to be working hard again!

Last few PT appontments have started with a massage and I am not afraid to admit that this little girl almost brings me to tears! Apparently this is required to break down the scar tisue to help narrow the tendon. Seems like just torture to me! I can’t believe how much it hurts! Oh, well I guess that’s the price of progress! Not sure what I will have to report in the next while, but I will try and post again soon! Stay positive everyone!


Well I managed to make my way out on the ice tonight and skate with my daughter! My therapist had given me the go ahead for some leisurely skating, but had to promise no hockey. I manage to skate for about 15 minutes and then started to feel my ankle starting to get sore and decided that I better not push it! I still feel that skating at 8 weeks is a great accomplishment and a great step forward. Walking without a limp has no quite been accomplished, but it is getting easier! Baby steps eventually get us where we want to go!

Physio Begins

Well on Nov. 18 I had my first physio appontment. I found a great therapist and she has already started me on strengthing excercises on all the muscles except my calf! Not allowed to do any strenght training on that for another 3 weeks. She definitely will not be easy on me which was apparent when she did the massage to break-up the scar tissue! OUCH! She was very impressed with the scar and says it is the nicest scar for a ATR surgery that she has seen! (whatever the heck that means) Doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of scar tissue and there is really only one spot at the base of the scar that really hurts. Heading back to see her on Wednesday and I know she will have alot more planned for me! Already the appointments are an hour and a half long! It will be a costly venture as my insurance will not cover it all and I know it will be a long process, but well worth it! Get to start walking in 2 shoes in one week! Super nervous! Seems crazy to start walking without the boot! Here’s hoping that it will go great!

I really hope to be back doing some winter activities before the season is over! I usually curl alot in the winter and would like to definitely get some games in! I am sure that some of you don’t even know what curling is, but we love it in Canada! Would also love to get on the ice skating with my daughter’s hockey and ringette teams! Take care everyone and make sure you keep updating!

Lost the wedges!

So I had my third follow-up appointment today! Almost 6 weeks post-op and the Dr. said everything was looking great and he took out my last two wedges! My instructions are to walk in the boot for two weeks and then slowly work my way out of the boot and into regular shoes! Also got the go ahead to start sleeping without the boot! That was the best news that I have heard in a long time! Dr. also gave told me to start PT, so will make arraingments to start that soon. Overall I am pretty impressed with how things are going! Dr. says to come see him again in one month. Was definitely a little sore walking with the two wedges gone and I know it will ache tonight, but it will be the ache of progress, so I will definitely take it!


Well today was the first day of snow in Winnipeg, and I have a feeling it is here to stay! Really glad I’m off the crutches and just have the boot to worry about slipping in. Not much fun driving with my left foot on slippery roads, but we all manage somehow! Looking forward to my third appointment next Monday which will be at week 5! Hoping to get both wedges out of my boot! Just have a quick question for anyone who can answer it. Once I get all the wedges out do they take you out of the boot, or do they keep you in it for awhile with no wedges! Let me know! Thanks

2nd post op visit

Well I had my 2nd post op visit today and everything went according to plan. Dr. took a quick look at the incisiuon which is almost healed up and felt how my calf muscle was feeling. He was showing another Dr. the Thompson test on me, so at least I know it is still attached! lol Dr. took out one of my wedges which leaves me with 2 more. Was told to make another appointment in 2 weeks and then they would either take out one or both of the wedges! He said I still have to sleep in the boot! BOOOO! I guess I really shouldn’t complain, it will be one month since surgery on Nov 7 and I only have 2 wedges in my boot and am FWB in it which seems pretty good!

There was a bit of pain today walking with one of the wedges out as there was a bit more stretcing when I walked, but nothing too serious! Shout out to everyone in our exclusive group! Take care everyone!

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