Wow, I can’t believe it.  The Doc said I can lose the boot and put my sneaker back on with one heel lift.  I am using the same one I used in my boot.  I do not use anything in my other sneaker.  It feels very good.  I have a limp, but it is not as bad the longer I am on my foot, but the longer on my foot the more pain I have.  I just introduced some calf exercises with the red stretch band.  For the past 9 weeks my primary goal in PT was to get my range of motion back in my ankle.  Now that I am very close to 100% range of motion & the healing process has progressed I can start introducing strength exercises. 

I actually did some yard work today.  I did some weed wacking.  Two days ago I removed the chair from the shower.  I had used it to get into the shower because I couldn’t put that much weight on one foot.  I would kneel with my bad leg and then my good leg and just move my legs around until I was in the shower fully.  I then kneeled with my bad leg and carried my weight on my good leg while showering.  It really worked out pretty well.  I do my stretches about 2 times a day and in between when I am just sitting around.  I also ice daily at least once a day and elevate as needed.  Stay the course, do what they tell you to do and be careful!

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