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Well, today is exactly 4 weeks post op.  I am now able to put quite a bit of weight on my foot.  I am wearing the boot, but tonight I no longer have to wear it to bed.  They had me wearing it to bed for the first few weeks in case I had movement in my sleep, etc.  I am doing 50lb leg presses each pt visit two sets of 15 with the boot on.  I am riding the bike for 10 minutes with the boot off.  I have several additional exercises that I perform at the visits. Three times a day I do what is called weight shift when I switch my weight from left to right foot gradually increasing the amount of weight on my left foot.  This is done with hands on a table in front of you.  I am also using baps.  You place your foot on a large blue disk that has a ball underneath that allows for movement front and back.  This is used to increase and evaluation my range of motion.  My PT told me I am about two weeks ahead of the curve.  I am doing well with my dorsiflexion and am able to get to 90 degree angle with a stretch.

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