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I started PT two and a half weeks post-op.  I think it was an excellent idea.  For those of you who are concerned about the wait maybe check with your doc and see why they think you should wait so long.  I had a full achilles rupture and surgery, like I said it was exactly 20 days after surgery when I started PT they did an eval and it all started there.

Wow, I can’t believe it.  The Doc said I can lose the boot and put my sneaker back on with one heel lift.  I am using the same one I used in my boot.  I do not use anything in my other sneaker.  It feels very good.  I have a limp, but it is not as bad the longer I am on my foot, but the longer on my foot the more pain I have.  I just introduced some calf exercises with the red stretch band.  For the past 9 weeks my primary goal in PT was to get my range of motion back in my ankle.  Now that I am very close to 100% range of motion & the healing process has progressed I can start introducing strength exercises. 

I actually did some yard work today.  I did some weed wacking.  Two days ago I removed the chair from the shower.  I had used it to get into the shower because I couldn’t put that much weight on one foot.  I would kneel with my bad leg and then my good leg and just move my legs around until I was in the shower fully.  I then kneeled with my bad leg and carried my weight on my good leg while showering.  It really worked out pretty well.  I do my stretches about 2 times a day and in between when I am just sitting around.  I also ice daily at least once a day and elevate as needed.  Stay the course, do what they tell you to do and be careful!

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I am 6 weeks post op tomorrow.  I am down to one heel life and 1 crutch 3x a day 200 ft per time, plus my usual exercises.  I feel like I can do alot more, but I am listening to my PT’s. 

I learned something last night.  I had been approved to NOT wear my boot while sleeping, however I found that by morning i was very stiff and had to kind of rework the stretch.  I had more pain throughout the day & more swelling.  I started wearing my boot to bed again.  It keeps my foot in that preferred “stretch” position and by morning I am already stretch, barely any pain and it actually feels like I have moved forward another couple paces.  I think it makes sense.  You sleep like 8 hrs, if you can have the foot in that preferred “stretch” for that time pain permitting it can’t be a bad idea.  I’ll ask my PT’s monday when I see them.

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I am down to 2 heel lifts when walking with one crutch 3 times a day 100ft each time.  Then I put on 1 heel lift for the rest of the time.  I am also doing 60lb leg presses with no boot.

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Well, today is exactly 4 weeks post op.  I am now able to put quite a bit of weight on my foot.  I am wearing the boot, but tonight I no longer have to wear it to bed.  They had me wearing it to bed for the first few weeks in case I had movement in my sleep, etc.  I am doing 50lb leg presses each pt visit two sets of 15 with the boot on.  I am riding the bike for 10 minutes with the boot off.  I have several additional exercises that I perform at the visits. Three times a day I do what is called weight shift when I switch my weight from left to right foot gradually increasing the amount of weight on my left foot.  This is done with hands on a table in front of you.  I am also using baps.  You place your foot on a large blue disk that has a ball underneath that allows for movement front and back.  This is used to increase and evaluation my range of motion.  My PT told me I am about two weeks ahead of the curve.  I am doing well with my dorsiflexion and am able to get to 90 degree angle with a stretch.

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I had my first rehab visit today.  My physical therapist did alot of measurements and did a basic evaluation to determine my starting point.  He said I can put max 25lbs of weight on my foot when walking with my crutches and when doing my exercises.  I have three different exercises to do 3x a day.  The first exercise is putting 25 lbs of weight on my left foot for a few seconds and then releasing the weight onto my right foot.  It is like a back and forth motion from one foot to the other with my hands on a table and both feet on the floor at the same time.  The other is with my feet flat on the floor and pulling both toes up toward my knees keeping heel on the floor.  I can’t think of the third right now.  ice required 3x a day to reduce swelling after exercise and improve repair.

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Is it normal to have quite a bit of pain in my calf muscle after having two out of 4 heel lifts removed?

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I have my 10 day post op stitch removal.  I had two heel lifts removed and am now down to two.  I start rehab on Monday.

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You will want to have your ortho complete this paperwork ASAP.  It takes up to 2 weeks if you use a messenger service at a local dmv location.  If you mail it, it will take up to 5 weeks.  They are well aware of the need for a temporary placard, especially if you will be driving.  Luckily it was my left foot, so I am able to drive to work, etc.  If I want to shop, etc.  A placard will make it much easier.  Don’t be a martyr.

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Well, today was tiring.  I’m not sure if it is the humidity or the crutches are catching up to me on my 13th day post op.

I had to go up the 3 flights of stairs today and by the time I got to the top I had sweat rolling down my forehead neck, etc.