She ’says’ her name is Rachel but really it’s Satan!

June 8th, 2009

So, I came out of the moon boot 2 1/2 weeks ago and have been fully weight bearing and without crutches for 2 weeks. Foot now feels a lot more normal and much less floppy and odd. And now I have my very own physiotherapist by the name of Rachel. She has me doing a 15 minute exercise session 3 times a day, stretches involving touching my knee to the wall, standing on one leg for a 2 minute period, scrunching a towel between my toes and heel lifts and toe lifts. I can do most of them ok now, but standing on the bad leg is still a challenge. I did 9 seconds the first time and now can last about 35… progress is a beautiful thing!!

Rachel also has me doing a morning session at the physio gym twice a week, that involves some individual exercise with the physio and a group class specifically for the lower leg and ankle. This is why I think she is evil!! My GP suggested that I take pain killers before going to these sessions - good call!! It is the most tiring thing and does leave me with some aches and pains.

I’m not allowed to run or swim or cycle yet, but plenty of walking is allowed. I’ve managed to walk about 3 miles with a break in the middle so far and am allowed to use a walking stick for support over a long distance.
I’m quite amazed at the physio service here - apparently not everyone gets referred but fortunately I had the one consultant who routinely refers achilles tendon injuries!! I can’t believe some people don’t get any at all - it’s actually making all the difference to me at the moment - to the point that I’m walking almost normally, with barely a limp. It may leave me with some pain but I wouldn’t be without it… even if I do think she might be satan!!

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