I’ve finally got my knee back!

March 31st, 2009

So after 4 weeks in Polly the purple pot, I returned to the clinic and after some conversation with one of the Doctors, went to the pot room to have it taken off.

So, no more Polly… can’t say I was sad to see it go, but I was quite surprisedĀ  at how weak my foot is (extremely) and how stiff my knee was (ouch, bend you thing…).

Doctor came back to have a look after the pot was gone and seemed to be happy with things, he asked me to point my toes and they moved a bit but not really pointed, and squeezed my calf muscle which did make the foot do a tiny movement. I was distinctly underwhelmed but he seemed happy enough.

So then they showed me the aircast boot… wow… it gives really great support and has air pockets that get pumped up and deflated according to what you want to do. And the most important thing of all… it comes off!!! So I went home and had a bath with a little help from Matt!!

My boot has 5 wedges inside and I get to remove one per week now starting next week and once they are all out I will wear just the boot for a couple of weeks apparently. So, having gone from no milestones at all, I now have weekly milestones to look forward to.

It has taken me a few days to get used to the boot as I’m still NWB for another 2 weeks, but when I take it off the foot feels more like itself, just a weak version.

I’m sleeping in the boot for 2 weeks and then hopefully when they let me do some weight bearing, it can start coming off at night. The swelling is also going down, which is nice to see day by day.

So next week I go for an ultrasound scan to check on how things are healing…

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