2 weeks post opp pix.

First sight, 2 wekks after surgery.

First sight, 2 wekks after surgery.


"Green army"

"Green army"

Well, i went to the hospital yesterday,looking forward to seeing wot my ankle would look like. And when they took the cast off,it looked pretty good to be honest. Alot better than i expected it to be like. Than i was hoping to have a good chat with one of the doctors about all the question’s i had to ask him,as its all still new to me. But the doctor that saw me was a waste of space! Like he was just standing in,being a fake doctor. When i’d ask him something he’d egnore me or just say ummmmm. I got more info out of the man who re-plastered my leg!!!!! The doctor did say he wants me back in plaster for 8 weeks,which was a big shock. As i have read so many people have got into the aircast boot pretty quick after the surgery. He agreed to put me in one in 4 weeks,as i’m going on holiday at christams. Could someone please tell me the advantages an disadvantages of both cast an air boot? Like can i stand up with both feet with out crutches with the boot on???? Etc???
I really think this was VERY poor service from the NHS,since i have done the injury. The only time i have felt my best intrest’s where with them was when i was in theater! The rest of the time i feel like i’m part of a very poor production line! Has any one gone through a ATR with a privet hospital or something like that? I wonder how different the service received would be????

Could people possible say where i should be with my road to recovery at 7 weeks? Walking running an dancing would be a wishful answer lol.

An i hope u like the photo’s. Feed back is welcome.

Thanx an good luck all.

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  1. Hi Nikeeuk, nice pictures. We all know what you are going through, I can sympathise with you I am now coming into my 10th week in plaster after suffering an avulsion. unfortunatly the doctors are not very forth coming with info I have found out far more from sites like this than what any doctor has told me. what I really want to know and the doctors seem reluctant to commit is some idea when I will likely return to work, as statutory sick pay sucks.
    Good luck with the recovery, I think better get it right this time rather than rush the recovery and then go through the whole thing again several months down the line.

  2. Hey Nikeeuk1,
    At 7 weeks I was non-weight bearing on crutches (sorry!) in a boot, if you are very fortunate you may be part weight bearing but still with crutches.
    Are you a Plymouth fan by any chance yer Janner?

  3. Hahahaha no, i’m an Arsenal fan. But just like the hole “green army” thing lol. Thanx for letting me know where i should roughley be after 7 weeks. Just trying to be prepare myself really.

  4. Arsenal!!! Ohhh Noooo… My Club Manchester City, where I will be next Wednesday to watch us play your team, were fantastic to me when I had my leg in a cast for 10 weeks, they gave me and my hubby seats with extra leg room so that I could keep my leg elevated during the games, bet Arsenal wouldn’t do that..

    Despite all that I hope long term you do better than me, I’m 18 months and still having severe problems, but thats another story.

    Good luck (after Wednesday) Nice scar.

  5. At 7 weeks I was in the boot PWB, at 8 weeks I was FWB in the boot, no crutches.
    Take it slow!!!!!

  6. Everyone is different in their recovery just reading through everyone’s story. I was was put in a boot at 4 weeks also and was walking without crutches at week 6. I got the go ahead at week 5 but waited until my next PT appointment to ditch the crutches.

  7. Hey NikeeUK
    Like the pics - good scar! I was in a partial cast for 2 weeks and NWB and on crutches. At 2 weeks post op I was promoted to an aircast with 2 heel lifts and FWB (although for the first day or so I used the crutches - as its a confidence thing too) and was absolutely told NOT to walk around without the boot and to wear it at night too. The heel lifts came out one at a time over the next 2 weeks. Its now post op 5 weeks and I will (Ihave been told) get the boot off next week and progress to two shoes (maybe with a heel lift). I have had 5 NWB/flexibility sessions with the physio who also gave me scar massage therapy (very ouch! - but has reduced swelling and promoted healing). I see the specialist on Wed and will then have a few more physio sessions - FWB.
    I know the feeling of being very frustrated and wanting more answers - but this site has been brilliant and a real help. I went through the private system here in the UK - and I have to say the treatment was really good.
    Hang in there!

  8. it is day 9 and I went on my first outing. Anyway I tried to hop up 3 steps unassisted and slipped fell on my bad big toe and knee. I was very mad at myself. I feel no pain in the tendon area just the toe and knee! Hoping i have not added insult to injury . Stitches out in 4 days. Anyone have a tumble along the way??

  9. Hi Brenda,
    When you get to poking around on the blogs you will find a number of us have. I have not mentioned my fall. I was a week out for surgery so was busy around the house trying to do everything in a week. Took a header on the steps down to my pool going to clean it. Realized hmmm better step back and be a bit more conservative. Called the pool guy and went to put my feet up & RICE so I would not be all swollen prior to surgery. Since I make stairs and steps a good tricep workout. Hope your not too skinned up. be careful & take care!

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